Trial and Error


Hey, everyone !! How was your Labor Day weekend ? Mine was pretty relaxed and calm which isn’t anything *new*. Today I was motivated to blog about TRIAL and ERROR. What motivated me to blog about this is a comment I received on a review I wrote on for the Spirograph Deluxe kit. The comment was sorta on the negative side regarding me saying that the product requires a bit of Trial and Error before you get it going.

The dictionary defines Trial and Error as … a finding out of the best way to reach a desired result or a correct solution by trying out one or more ways or means and by noting and eliminating errors or causes of failure; also :  the trying of one thing or another until something succeeds.

Here’s the copy of the comment that I received on Amazon :

Angecan says:

I appreciate all your tips, but why should anyone have to go through so much trial and error? What kind of a present does this make for a kid? “It’s going to be really frustrating at first, and you’ll be so happy when you finally get somewhere but then you’ll suddenly ruin your drawing — many, many, many times — but just hang in there.”

My reply to her comment was this :

It’s a form of encouragement !! Most children at least from my experience when gifted a toy or game that is difficult to play with quickly lose interest in that toy and it just ends up dusting on a shelf or thrown into a closet. Teaching your children about Trial and Error is also a gift in itself as you are teaching the child a Life lesson. Life in itself is all about trial and error. We try things and fail but we don’t give up ! We just keep on trying and try a different method til we do succeed. If you just wanna give a present to a kid that doesn’t require trial and error and is so simple get them a box of crayons. Every Video Game and toy requires some bit of trial and error. Legos require trial and error before you create the product in the instructions, Video games require lots of trial and error before you finish the game. My post was a form of encouragement to not give up and just keep practicing as you’ll learn to get better and it will become easier with time. Children learn that and they’ll carry it with them for Life learning that when things in Life get tough just keep trying and it’ll get better. No offense but your reply was kinda dumb. I’m sure you have gone through many trial and error in your Life. “Why should anyone have to go through so much trial and error ?” Because that is Life and we learn from the errors and continue to try. That goes with products too. You buy a product and try it to figure out if it’s a good product or junk “Trial and Error”.

So her comment is what in turn motivated me to write about Trial and Error. Life is about Trial and Error !! We try and fail … We learn from that mistake or some repeat it before they learn from it … then we try a different method and just keep trying til’ we succeed. Trial and Error is a life lesson that should be taught at a very young age. I would suggest toddler years but often times Trial and Error is just learned naturally !! For example … when we’re a infant just learning to walk. You fall down but you get right back up to try again and again til you become more steady and soon you’re running to and from your Mom. That is a natural form of Trial and Error.

I should of said that the commenter’s reply was dumb but it surely shows that the world is seeming to lack wisdom and intelligence. People just don’t think anymore and say and do things that aren’t quite smart. Then when faced with the consequences of their dumbed down thinking … they ask themselves “WTF was I thinking” ? People please think deeper and speak from the heart and soul and not just your minds. The world needs more people with compassion and caring. So think from the heart and soul before you speak or comment something to someone.

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