Negative Monday ? (⌐~⌐)

1439Happy Monday !! Monday is the least liked days of the week. But don’t worry it’s almost over at least for me as it’s just about 3pm *My time*. *sigh* (=~=) California is currently going through a heatwave so it’s SUPER hot today. I think it’s somewhere in the lines of 92º which isn’t as hot as other parts can get which is well over the 100º’s. But anything about 70º for me is HOT !!

So what I’m blah-blah-blogging about today is negative comments. I think I wrote in my previous post about a negative comment on a Amazon product review I wrote. Well, I got another negative comment regarding another Amazon product review I wrote. Again the commenter was stupid in my opinion … jumping to conclusions without getting the facts and being quick to judge someone.

I’m not going to go into the details of this comment or the product I reviewed but I’m more and more losing faith in humanity. We’re becoming more and more idiotic and stupid. We’re quick to judge and make comments/judgements without getting the facts. Quick to flap our gums and just the World seems like it’s on Fast Forward and is speeding by too fast.

People are speeding and zig-zagging on the freeways and surface streets, people dart across the streets where there are crosswalks few feet away, and nobody has compassion no more. There are a few rare people who still hold doors for the elderly or anyone for the matter and still give you spaces to get into a lane or allow you to go first at a stop sign.

But more or less you often get honked at, given dirty looks, or on some occasions yelled at through a car window from driving at the speed limit. People need to slow down and that’s not just on the road but in every aspect of Life. Slow down and think before you post a comment on someone’s blog, Facebook post, or anywhere online. Your quick second thinking and click of that mouse to submit the comment can be hurtful and hurt someone or do damage that cannot be fixed.

So before you judge that teen Mom walking her baby … think first. Do you really think she is a slut and got pregnant ? How do you know she wasn’t raped and decided to keep the baby ? How do you even know she’s a single mother ? She might have a decent job, a nice home, and a loving husband. Love happens at any age ! THINK FIRST !! I often get people who whisper judge me behind my back for being in a wheelchair. I hear things like I bet she’s faking it to get disability and she’s not disabled. Sure, I can get out of my wheelchair and walk a short distance but who are you to judge ? FYI *For Your Information* I’m not receiving any disability income or assistance. I was previously but after I got married they were revoked due to my husband’s income and resources.

Just THINK before you press enter and send that comment or open your mouth. Nobody has the right to judge anyone but the Lord up above. Before you point that finger to judge someone else Life point it at yourself and Judge yourself first.


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