Catching up with my Blogs … (=~=)


Happy Friday everyone !! My brain often looks like that picture above. So many thoughts cluttered everywhere and so many unfinished, half finished, barely started, and forgotten projects not even started. (>~<) Being a procrastinator and being a having creative ADD I am constantly bouncing from one thing to another. I would start on one project but then either on Pinterest, YouTube, or somewhere on the internet I’d see some other craft that perks my interest making me drop the project I was working on and work on this *new* one.

I try to stay active on my blogs but I have multiple blogs such as this one, my Creative Arts blog ““, my 3rd person blogging as my childhood stuffed animal Mousey blog “, and a blog I made Just for Fun ““. Now recently I came up with a story idea to post up on my Just for Fun blog and I am hoping I can stick with it and keep it active.

Here’s a short summary of what that story is going to be about. The story is going to be titled Socially Awkward and it is about a clerical worker who is bullied and mistreated in her office workplace but she continues to remain strong and do her work. It’s just mainly gonna be a day to day Life blog which is half fictional and half non-fictional. Certain parts of it will be based off of true incidents from my own Life. If it seems interesting so far … Check it out @  the site is still under construction as I haven’t started writing anything, yet but plan to do that later today. Currently working on the Artwork to go with the 1st post. =P

But I wanna thank all those who follow my blog(s) and occasionally share your comments and opinions about what I have blogged about. I hope that you will continue to read my blogs whether it’s sporadic activity or not. I do my best to try and post up something as often as possible. Thank you all once again !! (n_n)


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