Medical Assisting Robot …

baymax_20preview_ca183fa8-8f86-44eb-8ada-0624ef1b2002_display*Spoiler Alert* For those of you who haven’t watched Big Hero 6 yet this contains some spoiler alerts.

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything here on Psycho Babble. Life has kinda obstructed me from posting as often as I really want to. But I’m here and if you have me friended on Facebook you’ll know I’m always alive and active there. So my weekend was a pretty wild and crazy weekend. On Friday night my husband and I went to go see Big Hero 6. My husband isn’t really a big fan of animated films but animated films to me are my Life and inspiration. Big Hero 6 though has it’s action scenes which kept my husband entertained.

But I was mainly in love with the chubby marshmallow robot Baymax. He’s originally a medical assisting robot who is more or less a robot nurse. The concept of having a friendly robotic nurse intrigued me and I believe it can come to reality if someone wanted to work on it. We have technologies already in place like retina cameras, voice activated programs and softwares like Siri and SVoice. I can totally see a robotic nurse who checks your vitals and does minor diagnostic tests before you see the actual doctor.

Many nurses at clinics I go to already walk around with a mini laptop where they log down your problems, symptoms, and checks you previous medical records before the doctor sits down with you. Having a Baymax like robotic nurse would totally make your hospital visit a bit more stress-free. I think waiting in the hospital room would be a lot less boring and stressing if I had Baymax to talk to and play games with or joke with while I wait. I hope that someone in the future considers possibly making a real life Baymax. That’d be cool !!


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