Jury Duty or Bully Duty … (¬~¬)


Why does shit happen to good people ?? Just to get it off my chest and vent out at the same time. I got a letter and a call from the Jury Duty Summons people. They were threatening to charge me $1,500 and arrest me for failure to appear for Jury Duty. I said … WTF ?!? I never got any Jury Summons paperwork saying I was chosen for duty.

They said … We sent the form and paperwork out to you that you were called for a summons. I said … I never got such mailing. They think I’m bullshitting and said to report for duty or I will be arrest and fined $1.500. I then spoke with my Landlord asking if they accidentally got my Jury Summons papers in their mailbox and spoke to my Landlords daughter who lives in the unit next door. They were both pissed that I was accusing them of stealing mail or keeping mail that isn’t theirs.

I then explained to them that sometimes I get your mail in my mailbox bcuz you fail to correctly write your address and I respectfully place your mail in your mailbox. So I expect the same courtesy and to please start writing 5521½ as your house address bcuz 5521 is my address and your address is 5521½. She gave me this disgusted why the F should I have to write ½ on my address when my parents own the place. With a fake smile she said if I ever get your mail in my mailbox I’ll be sure to put it in you box or hand it to you in person. (¬_¬) *Bullshit*

So now I have to report for Jury Duty on December 22 and when I told the rep I was talking to on the phone that I’m disabled and have a seizure disorder does that qualify to be excused. She said have your physician fill our section E of the form and we’ll decide if your medically excusable or not. I then told her do you provide transportation like a shuttle bus bcuz I don’t have a license to drive or transportation to get there. She rudely said to me just take a bus or the metro train. I said but I’m in a wheelchair. She said I think you can ride the bus and train in a wheelchair. So she pretty much was saying I DON’T GIVE A FUCK GET YOUR ASS TO THE COURTHOUSE OR YOU’LL SPEND CHRISTMAS BEHIND BARS. I told her well I need you to resend the form bcuz I never got the 1st one. She said fine. I’ll have one sent out and you’ll get it tomorrow.

*Pardon my french* But FUCK MAN !! First, they take away my SSI bcuz I FUCKEN got married saying I’m my husbands financial responsibility now. Now they’re harrassing about FUCKEN Jury Duty shit ? The Court system can’t make decision for themselves. They need a bunch of random people to decide if this guy who killed someone should be free or put in jail. I mean WTF ?!? Isn’t that what attorneys and the judge are for ? To fight for who’s innocent and decide on the verdict.


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