College … Relevant or Trivial ?

6898Hello ! Before I start my blog post for today let me remind the quote “To Each Their Own” and that this is my personal blog where I share my thoughts and opinions of things. If you look under the About Me tab there’s a definition of what Psycho Babble means and my blog is generally just that. So what I am posting today is not aimed towards anyone nor do I ask that any virtual poop be flung at me for stating my own opinions and thoughts.

Ok, then … with that outta the way I had a pretty long and interesting weekend. I attended an early family Thanksgiving gathering and met a very interesting person who was very knowledgeable about income tax, starting a business, and the field of Art as he has degrees in Art. If you don’t know my I have another blog “” which I share my Artistic skills and talents. This is my creative writing blog so to speak and my other is creative arts blog.

Anyways he saw the deep potential in my artworks and suggested that I go to college to study Art and believes it will enhance my artistic skills alot further. I would love to go to school but being physically disabled school was pure torture for me and my older Sister can vouch on that aspect if you were to ask her. From Kindergarten all the way to High School school was a living hell for me. The bullying, teasing, the inability to make friends, being a loner, etc. Everything negative about school I have lived and endured it !!

I admit I regret not finishing High School and instead getting a GED but I just couldn’t take the bullying and suffering I went through everyday for the 7-8 hrs. you’re in school. Now the reason for this post is bcuz I wanted to share my opinions on education. As I just explained to me education was not pleasant !! I have a slight learning disability which made learning difficult. I was in Special Education classes and RSP classes but still struggled with my grades. But with the bullying and the learning struggles they often took a toll on me emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.

Many have told me that I should go to college and enhance my artistic skills. And I do !! I would love to go to college not just to study art but study in fields of my interest like Medical, Nature/Biological, Psychology, etc. But just the thought of going back to school makes me do a fast U-Turn and head in the opposite direction of a Admissions office. I don’t think I can relive my Kindergarten through High School years all over again.

Some of my friends have tried to reassure me and say … No no no !! This is College ! We’re grown adults and not gonna act like a bunch of middle school kids or immature teens. How clueless and naive that sounds !! (¬_¬) Unless you’re in my shoes you cannot say there aren’t disrespectful Adults who bully other Adults. What’s sad is some of these people are parents with children. You can’t unlearn something that’s just a part of who you are. Bullies were born and die a bully.

Anyways the title of the post says College … Relevant or Trivial bcuz I am more of a self-taught learner. I tend to learn better when I teach myself than to be taught by someone. My artistic skills isn’t what they are today bcuz of some Art teacher or Art class. Sure, from Kindergarten to High School I always had an Art class and thoroughly enjoyed them but what they taught in Art class I already knew by reading How-To books, borrow Art books from the school library or public library. I enhanced my skills little by little not by what I learned from a teacher or from Art class but rather by teaching myself via How-To Tutorials online such as YouTube, following Artists and online tutorials on sites like DeviantArt/Pinterest.

My opinions of school is that you’re being force-taught. You learn by methods the teacher knows is best or by whatever the textbooks say. Every teacher is different as everyone learns differently. But in school you learn by what the teacher is teaching you. Their methods aren’t always clear or understandable. To them it might be but to you it’s like WTF are they talking about. Nobody knows you better than YOU ! You know what you’ll understand and how you’d learn it best.

To self-teach yourself it’s stress-free. No deadlines to finish that assignment by, No grading system, No Pass or Fail the course, and No Credits to earn. You learn from your mistakes you made and just keep trying different techniques and methods til you get it right. As an Artist I have gotten to where I am today bcuz of the many How-To draw books, online tutorials, and endless websites. I am learning some type of *NEW* technique or method everyday !! College you only learning til the time you graduate and that’s it what you are learning ends there.

I know that my Artistic skills can probably be enhanced by going to college, taking Art, getting a degree but I can achieve the same thing here at home online on the computer and learn at my own pace and way. Yes, I won’t have a degree but to many aren’t degrees just a piece of paper saying you spent thousands of dollars and hours studying. I appreciate the advices given by people to go to college and study Art but I think I’m happy just being self-taught at home in my own pace and settings. So no offense to all those who are currently in college and to those who are pro-education system but I am bah-humbag and phooey to going to college.

Self-taught learning method has served me well for many years and unless there’s a Home-Schooling college for Arts I’m just gonna continue browsing the Worldwide Web, YouTube, Pinterest, DeviantArt, Instagram, etc. and adding to my endless collection of How-To books and self-teach myself all that I ever wanted to learn.


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