Black Friday … Cyber Monday … HYPE !!


Happy 1st of December and Happy Cyber Monday ! I would of posted this up sooner but I’ve been down with a cold that came on Thanksgiving. I’m feeling better though. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you did do any Black Friday shopping hope you got yourself some good deals.

Anyways I never really cared about these Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals but my husband wanted to check them out after his friend told him last Black Friday he got a 52″ TV for $99. So I figured what the hey why not. Maybe I can snag a WiiU for $99 and score some 3DS and Wii games that’s been on my Wish List for years.

We 1st went to SEARS to check out their TV sales and I was shocked by the still high prices. What deal ? Everything was marked off maybe $20-$50 so it’s not that big of a deal. Even their video games what miniscule selection they had was only marked down by $5-10 dollars.

Afterwards we went by BestBuys but saw the line heading up to Mars and said forget it. We were contemplating Walmart but we know Walmart shoppers can be a bit ruthless and some will go as far as to kill you for that last 32″ TV. I’m in a wheelchair so I could not even picture myself trying to plow through the crowds just to see what’s good.

We just grabbed a local paper and checked out the ads in the paper and nothing seem like a BIG deal. Everything was more or less reduced by just a few bucks. Now today is Cyber Monday and online News articles said the best deals are going to be on Cyber Monday and that Cyber Monday is where it’s at.

Well, today is Cyber Monday and I have yet to see anything that seems to be a worthy deal. The prices of the items are like the prices on an ordinary sales event day. Unless something is 50-80% off I don’t think Black Friday or Cyber Monday is really anything to break you bank account over. More or less in my opinion it’s just Hype to get you to compulsively shop buying things that you THINK is a deal but actually not really.

The true secret to Holiday shopping on a budget is … PRICE MATCH ! Many stores offer price matching and that goes for online sites like Amazon. So if you find something online print it out and take it over to your local Target, Walmart, Frys, BestBuys, etc. and tell them I found it here cheaper and they’ll Price Match ! Some stores will compete by giving the item to you below Price match price.

So scour the entire web for what you’re looking for and find the cheapest price and head to your local store to take advantage of the Price Match deal. It’ll save you from paying Shipping and you get the product in hand at the price the website was offering. I think I’m gonna do that for my Christmas shopping this year which has dramatically gotten smaller.

But do your research and in my opinion don’t fall into the retail hype. Christmas or any holiday for that matter is not about presents or what you bought for cheap. It’s about spending time with your family and loved ones. That Xbox One will always be available in a store to buy. It’ll never go away but your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Niece, Nephew, whoever once they’re gone … they’re gone ! We’re not around forever !


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