Burger by hand or with a Fork …


First, I’m gonna say to each their own meaning everyone is entitled to their own opinions. So this is pretty much my last post for the 2014 year. I can’t believe how fast 2014 has flown by. But I’m eager to see what’s in store for 2015.

Anyways this post is regarding eating a burger with your hands or with your fork. My favorite fast food burger comparing to places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr, etc. is the Jack in the Box Sirloin Cheeseburger. In the past my favorite burger was the McDonald’s Angus Deluxe burger but once they replaced the red onion for white onions they lost me. I dunno whether it’s the taste of the red onion but I prefer red onions in a burger over white.

I am a Onion lover so whenever I order a burger I always ask for extra onions. Jack in the Box has to be the only place I know who knows how to properly add extra onions. When you ask for extra onions in a burger you don’t get a burger with a pile of onions on top. Jack in the box places onions under the patty then on top of the patty so the burger doesn’t become over stacked by the onions.

My husband just recently got into the Jack in the Box sirloin burger when I shared one with him a few weeks ago. He asked if we can have that for dinner last night. I was kinda feeling like eating something with a fork. So I figured why not eat your burger with a fork. So while my husband caveman like ate his sirloin burger with a fork. I ate my in separate pieces. I ate the bun alone then the lettuce and patty with a fork. I did get odd looks by other customers like … (o~O) Is she eating her burger with a fork ? Who the heck eats a burger with a fork ? << That is an actual quote from a young man eating with his buddies.

My main reason for blogging about this is I oddly felt less bloated and full when I ate the burger with a fork than by hand. When I eat it by hand I feel bloated, overly full, and sleepy afterwards. But when I ate the burger separately it was like I was eating a Steak and Salad dinner with garlic bread and fries on the side. I did not feel overly full or sluggish and actually still felt a little hungry like I could go for something more. It was quite interesting comparing to when eaten normal burger style.

Below is my list of burgers that I think is best from the following Fast Food places …

1.) Jack in the Box – Sirloin Cheeseburger : Extra Onions and Bacon

2.) McDonald’s – Chicken Ranch BLT *Grilled*: Ask for Onions and Extra Bacon

The Whopper doesn’t taste as good as they used to. If anything from Burger King their Carolina Whopper was pretty good but that was a Limited Time thing and their Turkey Burger which was also a Limited Time thing.

But give it a try sometime. You may get odd looks but eating a burger in separate piece by piece with a fork is quite enjoyable than woofing it down by hand. You feel less bloated and full when you eat it with a fork. It feels more like a balanced meal when you eat it by fork too but when eaten by hand it feels like a guilty pleasure to be eating that burger.

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