3D isn’t always better …


I think this is a blog topic that many will nod to. Nowadays everything is trying to go 3D especially in the gaming areas but 3D isn’t always better. Two games that is a great example is Cut the Rope .vs. My Om Nom and Candy Crush .vs. Soda Crush. Cut the Rope and Candy Crush was great due to their 2D graphics and game play giving it it’s charm. But once they went 3D it immediately lost it’s charm.

Well, My Om Nom is not exactly the same game play as Cut the Rope since it’s more a virtual pet like game where you raise your own Om Nom but being Om Nom is the main character of Cut the Rope he/she in itself is the charm of the game that draws many people to play it. But once they 3D rendered Om Nom it immediately lost it’s charm and not as many will play it as they prefer the 2D version over the 3D version.

Candy Crush is just the same. (=_=”)  I didn’t think I’d become addicted to Candy Crush but when my hubby started playing it and got so into it to where he’d play til he’s out of Life or beg Facebook family and friends to send him lives. I tried a few rounds on his phone and at first I started playing just to send him life but it sticks to you and you become addicted.

So after I used up all my lives I was still itching to play more. I downloaded the Soda Crush and noticed it’s 3D rendered compared to the 2D of Candy crush. I played a few rounds and didn’t find it all that alluring like the 2D Candy crush and I think it’s bcuz it’s in 3D. If it were in 2D like the Candy crush then it might of been more enjoyable.

Not everything in 3D is better but it’s the wave of the future to go 3D especially in gaming. Video gaming example is the Nintendo 3DS. I played Super Mario Bros 2 I found it more enjoyable to play in 2D than to have 3D setting enabled. So again not everything is better in 3D.


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