A Day in the Life of a Prissy Brony …

there_s_no_reason_to_be_a_closet_brony__by_x86cam-d64yzqh9bdb0ee6cca31f3330dd55897f31769975360752bc85503364190b966262119eSo this post is about my day yesterday with my husband. My husband is not your typical man … he is a MetroSexual. Now for those who don’t know what that is or means here’s the definition of MetroSexual : An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. So yes, while people think it’s mainly women who spend hours primping their hair and face in the bathroom. There are Men who are just the same … my husband including.

Sunday my husband said he needed to go for a haircut but his regular barber whom he adored no longer works at the salon he goes to. So we’re now on this journey to find a *new* salon who can cut his hair just as awesome as his previous barber and stay in the affordable price range as her too. So we went to several *new* places in our area only to find them to be out of his price range. He only had $20 in his pocket and looking to find a barber who’ll cut his hair for under $20.

The journey returned him to a former barber he used to go to after going to like six(6) other places. This former salon *Not naming names* has also done my hair and colored it as well. I love how long the color lasted even til now almost a year later the color remains but what I didn’t like is that she burned my scalp … think 2nd degree chemical burns. I’m not sure if it was the excess amounts of bleach she put in my hair prior to the color or the ammonia in her hair coloring but I had to coat my entire head in neosporin for quit some time for it to heal up.

Anyways I waited in the car doodling in my travel artbook while he got his hair cut. When he came out he was very displeased by how the barber did not listen to his request. He just wanted a blend all around and a trim on top so he can slick his hair back. Something like this … *See Pic Below*
Mens-hairstyle-ideasStill a bit long and scruffy on the sides but trimmed up top to be able to slick back. What this barber did was shave everything pretty short like a ½” or ¼” length. It wasn’t blended in at all either. Even I could see that it wasn’t blended on the sides and back. He came out looking like his hair was cut with hedge trimmers … “Spongebob Squarepants square trimmed”. He was very unsatisfied and wanted to search for another barber to hopefully fix it to something more clean.

By then this was like the 8th or 9th salon we gone to in a day. Which made me wanna blog about this. Where do men go to get their hair cuts ?? It seems like most if not ALL salons are female experienced and solely seem to have more experience in cutting female hair and seem very nervous even jittery when it comes to cutting male hair that isn’t just a buzz fade or cut. My husband told me the barber was very shaky and sweating when cutting his hair as if she were diffusing a bomb.

So where are all the male barbers who are experienced mainly in male haircuts and why women don’t practice on perfecting male cuts as well as female cuts ? (¬_¬) I’m just glad I rarely if ever get my haircut and prefer the old rapunzel look of hair down below your back. My hairstyle is generally rolled up into a bun and occasionally the down ponytail as my hair is thick and hot when just left down. But I never realized how difficult it must be for a man to get a proper haircut to their standards especially if they’re a MetroSexual like my husband whom want every strand of hair to be perfect.


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