Not so warm and fuzzy …

3d-funny-monster-cartoon-cute-2928So what I’m about to blog about has happened to me twice already and once is bad but twice is unacceptable. I’m sure you’re now itching to know what is unacceptable and what happened … Oo Oo gimme the dirty details. (u_u) Now now … calm down, turn on your percolator, and prepare yourself a mug …  I’ll get to it in a minute. *Takes a deep breath*

Now when we go to buy groceries at a grocery store we’re expecting to pick up the freshest possible groceries and that includs non farmed items like your bag of chips or chocolate bar. But lately I’ve been feeling like groceries stores stopped caring and started to cut corners. Now I can’t exactly put 100% blame on the grocery store/chain as majority of it goes to the workers who just don’t get paid enough to give a shit.

My latest trip to the grocery store I picked up some Sour cream to make a Macaroni salad recipe I’ve been dying to try. I LOVE Macaroni salad !! *Notice the big emphasis on Love* But a lot of these premade Macaroni salads in stores just don’t taste right. Either they’re too sweet, too sour, too water, too mushy, or have a strange chemically taste. So I thought I’d try making my own.

Anyways before I wander too far off-topic I’ll blog about my Macaroni salad recipe some other time. So back on topic here … I picked up some Sour cream from my local grocery store. I got home and was eager to start going on this Macaroni salad recipe … I had all the ingredients prepped and laid out. I picked up the Sour cream and something said check the date first. (ñ~ñ) Something I maybe should of done before I left the store but the Sour cream was expired. The date of the Sour cream read February 18, 2015 that is WEEKS passed !!

Don’t get me wrong and start commenting that maybe I grabbed from the back of the shelf or something. There was a nice neat stack of Sour cream containers and I grabbed the one on the top front of the stack. I’m not gonna name stores and could of gone back to return or exchange the item but I just tossed the Sour cream in the trash with a broken </3 heart that I won’t be making my Macaroni Salad recipe that day.

So yesterday I decided to try out this other Organic/Health food market that I heard some good things about. It was great to see all these organic products, fresh cheeses, meats, etc. I felt healthy just by walking into this store. L0L I’m too poor to afford anything so I was generally just browsing. But when I came across this basket in the refrigerated cheeses that sold nubs of the deli market cheese blocks … I found three(3) nubs of Gouda cheese for 72¢ and 90¢. I couldn’t pass up Gourmet Gouda cheese for $1.62 ! Especially when it says it’s a cheese that’s $5.99 lb.

I grabbed those nubs of cheese and of course when you got yourself some snacking cheese you’ll need some salami or a smoked summer sausage to go with your mini antipasto snack. I found a bag of Salami for $3.99 and I thought that was decent price since most salami bags are around $6~$8 dollars ? This time I double checked the date to make sure I don’t pick up another expired product. March 14, 2015 … Ok, 😉 not expired, yet ! Yum ! Can’t wait !!

It was a pretty nice afternoon so my husband and I decided to snack on the cheese and salami at the outside table bench. The Gouda cheese was SOoo… good !! So creamy and buttery … OMG ! I grabbed the salami and was about to open them when I turned it over to see the clear packaging side and … (Φ~Φ) The salami were covered in black fuzz and instead of the reddish color fresh Salami should be they were a translucent pinkish white. Seriously looked like Salami made out of tissue paper that’s how translucent they were.

This time my husband took the salami back and got a refund. He said he checked ALL the salami that were on that rack and ALL of them were moldy and rotten. (≥~≤) GROSS !! It’s heartening that grocery stores aren’t being strict about making sure their products are fresh and that ALL expired goods are tossed out before someone like myself who’s oblivious to checking the dates get’s horribly sick. I am going to have to someone ingrain or tattoo to my brain to check the dates on things from now on and not willy nilly purchase it trusting the store keeps things in stock.

So do yourself and your tummy a favor and make sure you Double …. Even TRIPLE check the expiration date on every product you buy especially things like Meat, Poultry, Fish, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, etc. that spoil quickly. Things like chips or crackers won’t necessarily make you sick if they’re passed their Best By dates but they do get stale and hard. No fun eating a bag of stale chips or hard cookies that tastes like you’re eating Poker Chips.


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