Determined to Rise Above …


I know what I’m going to blog about today will most likely have some consequences but I felt that this needs to be heard and written. So my husband and I started getting into this business opportunity and right now we’re just in the presentation stages and learning more about this company and business. I will not disclose the name of this business in respects of the business and the people who are a part of it. But there are many things that I have come to dislike about this business opportunity.

My husband says I am being negative but what he calls negative I call being cautious and aware. I’m not saying this business opportunity won’t work and it’s a scam. Any business opportunity you try, join, or create requires hard work and struggles like the quote by Frederick Douglass *shown above* “If There is No Struggle, There is No Progress“.  Everyone lives their lives differently ! While some need a constant guiding hand in their life, Some need a support system of friends, family, and positive people, Some are better on their own and succeed independently without the constant guidance, support, or motivations.

Of course we all need some form or guidance, support, and motivation once in awhile but if you’re like me who is self-motivated, self-determined, and been that way for pretty much their entire life … You don’t need someone telling you how to do things. This is one of the things I am finding unappealing about this business opportunity. They invite you to attend seminars, motivational meetings, events, constantly giving you audio CDs to listen to regarding the success stories of others who have made it in this business. They talk about what they did, how the did it, and what steps they took to get to where they are today. BIG WHOOP !! So they made it … *applause* Good for you !

But what they did and the steps they took to get where is not gonna be the same for you ! What worked for them did bcuz they it tailored to their goals, their dreams, their lifestyle, etc. If someone says I jumped off a bridge this way and didn’t die … doesn’t mean if you jump off the bridge the same way you’ll also live. I feel like these seminars, motivational meeting/events, etc. are all hogwash ! They want to share their stories on how they succeeded in this business and now living the 6-7 figures lifestyle.

Well, good for them !! How they did it will not guarantee it will work for you. They seem to be training/teaching people who are getting into the business to have like-minded or singular thought process. They shove all these success stories into your brain about how this person and this person all succeeded bcuz they did it this way and that way and if you follow you too will be where they are. I am a independent thinker and person. I do not need anyone to tell me how to do something. I was that kid who got a box of Legos for their Birthday and didn’t even look at the instruction booklet on how to build the house or car or whatever. I built them on how I see fit and worked.

This business opportunity seems to be based off Conformity. The definition of Conform is : comply with rules, standards, or laws ~ (of a person) behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards. ~ be similar in form or type; agree. So in other words they want you to be like everyone else and be zombie brained with the same train of thought. I’m not saying I am against this business or anything negative about it. I just don’t wanna be anyone’s puppet controlling me in any way.

So as I tread into this business opportunity I am definitely experiencing the struggles and if you’re married this will definitely test your marriage. I can’t tell you the nights my husband and I have gone to bed upset with each other as his brain has already begun to get manipulated by the audio CDs he’s listening to and the conformity seed has started to germinated. He’s already begun swimming in the same direction as the rest of the fishes. While I am fighting to pull him away from the flow and go against the flow to think independently and reach the same destination as them using you’re own routes.

But sadly it has caused many rough nights and marital strains which seem to be another conformity of this business. Many of the successors audio CDs I was forced to listen to bcuz I’m in the car with my husband who’s listening to them a common issue seems every successor went through marital problems even divorce due to this business. So this will definitely test you in all aspects of your Life even parts that have nothing to do with the business like your personal life.

I believe going against the flow and being your own person … you’re own mind … your own individual and then the struggles will not be so hard. Like the traffic navigation app … WAZE. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If not Waze is a navigational app that will guide you through your everyday travels. When there’s a bumper to bumper traffic Waze gives you alternative side routes to get you ahead of the traffic. Waze is a great example of an app that teaches you to not conform. Why sit there in 0 mph traffic with the rest of the commuting world if you can find side routes that will still get you to your destination. Some may not be as fast and be a longer drive but in the end you will still get to your destination.

I guess a part of this blog post is now becoming a motivation or inspiration to be yourself and not follow or allow anyone to tell you who to be or how to live. So with that I’m going to leave this blog with a few quotes on being yourself and not following the flow.







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