Falling before Flying … Part 4

timthumb.phpThis is a continuation or the next chapter so to speak on my *new* business journey. Right now I’m falling repeatedly which to me is just training to make me stronger for when I take flight. Falling is never pleasant whether it’s falling off a bicycle, falling by tripping on something, etc. Falls are always painful in some form whether physical, emotional, or mental.

But this is one of the baby steps I must take to make it in this business. It’s not easy and no business opportunity is !! I am using the metaphor that I am a newly hatched chick and it will be some time before I am able to fly out the nest. I can test my wings but unless I’m ready I will repeatedly fall and that is currently exactly what I am going through.

If you’d like to take a peek at my business you are welcome to do so at … Http://HealthWellness4.MyChoices.Biz I just started in this business so I can’t exactly recommend you join to start your own but if you’re looking for a business opportunity and willing to put in the hard work, time, and effort it takes to building it up to your liking then I would more than be willing to tell you more about it. Just comment below or contact me.

Like my previous posts this business really is a hard trek. But who doesn’t expect that ? Multimillion dollar businesses don’t just miraculous ZOOM to the top overnight. It is a hard grueling process that will test you in all areas of your Life … physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc. Just like in Life … Nobody said it’d be easy. They just said it’d be worth it !

The parts I’m falling on are getting people to trust you and have faith in your business. Trust and Faith aren’t easily earned. It’s often times one of the #1 issues people have is to have trust and faith in someone. It’s hard to earn but once earned it’s easy to lose it all in one swoop. The trouble I’m having is finding people whether friends, family, or perfect strangers to have trust and faith that I’m not a scam artist who’s gonna scam you or someone selling faulty products who’s gonna run off with your money.

I can tell them I am the most honest person they’ll ever meet and it’s just hot air to them. I wish people would trust and have faith in people more easily and what I wish even more is that you’d trust and have faith in people you’ve known for a very long time especially if you’ve known the person all your Life. But this is just one of the stones I gotta climb over as I ascend this business mountain towards the summit.

I have trust and faith in myself that I will not give up and eventually reach the point where I can spread my wings and fly in this business. Until then I’m just gonna keep on getting up after every fall and keep trying til I make it to the summit. I will continue to blog about every step I make to share my journey to the top and hopefully with you reading my journey you’ll think about taking the same journey as I did. You can count I’ll be there to guide and support you in the same path I took.

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