Slowly but Surely … Part 4

canstock22551107So things are starting to get back into flow and I’m back on the snail trail of my business endeavor. I said in the 1st post that I am going to continually post about my journey not just for personal road marks of where I’ve started but also to share my experience along with potential prospects who begin their own journey along side me. The beginning has been pretty rough and skepticism has been a annoying passenger but I’m beginning to see the light and slowly but surely gaining more and more hope in this business opportunity.

I’m still fairly *new* at this as it’s only been like a little over a months since I signed up but so far I have made a little over $13. I know you’re thinking … (>⌂<) $13 DOLLARS that’s a Starbuck coffee amount. But I have only just begun and have faith that with time my $13 will eventually become $1,300 dollars then $13,000 then $130,000 and it never hurts to dream/wish big to it becoming $13 million dollars *Insert Dr. Evil’s pinky facial expression*. Many have put me down, laughed at me for trying to stick it with this business, some have even placed bets on how long before I quit … You can keep your pathetic money bcuz I have no intentions of quitting !!

I know this business isn’t going to be an easy rat race where I’m gonna instantly zip across to the finish line a winner. Nope, in this business you start off as a snail moving slowly and not getting very far but eventually you will gain legs and the more legs you gain you will transform into a caterpillar slinking and moving at a fast pace. I think we all learning the Life stages of a Butterfly in Elementary school. Once you reach your caterpillar stage you will then move on to earning your wings and being a beautiful Butterfly free to fly as you please and be free from the confines and conformity of the Employees life.

Many have been negative and many have discouraged me but I am going to continue forward in this business maintaining my BIG Dreams, Hopes, and Goals that this business is going to work out as long as I put in the hard work required to reach the peak of this endeavor. Just like climbers of Mt. Everest … some see it’s impossible to do but there has been many before you that have made the climb, reached the peak, and sharing their stories of the sheer beauty and freedom you feel once at the peak.

Only those who are willing to take the risk, make the effort, and put their Dreams into action will reach the summit and peak to look down upon all those who said you can’t, you won’t, and spit out all the negative towards you. Your success in Life whether it’s a business or anything ONLY and SOLELY depends on YOU and nobody else. Others can say all they want to say but in the end … It is you who will succeed and move in the direction of the path you chose.


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