Think before you Speak … Part 5

1111Rarely when we are presented with the unknown do we research the facts or seek the truth before we speak. We’re all guilty of just assuming something without knowing the truth. I have come across this many times in this business endeavor. Some of us think we know it all and speak in that fashion but that type of attitude will often times just land you flat on your face when you realize what you thought isn’t what you know and what you know isn’t what you thought.

Everyone and everything has a past history. Some may not be positive ones while others are positive. But a dark shadow in your past history is something we all have and have done something that we chose not to express or discuss. Nothing and No one is perfect !! Mistakes are made and often times corrected so they are not repeated again and again. What a person, business, company, etc. has done in the past should not be forever chain linked to them. But when they say the truth shall set you free … the truth is the key to that padlock that has you chained to your past.

Those who know the truth should speak it and spread it like wildfire. I am posting this blog entry today bcuz the company whom I’ve started a business endeavor with has a tarnished past and it is sadly chain linked to it’s mistakes by people who chose to or do not seek the truth before they speak. Being in this business I know the truths and I solely wish I could set the record straight and realign the facts so that this company can be set free from their past that seems to be haunting them forever.

So many false assumptions, facts, and negativity has been written about this company. All of which are either falsely written by haters/people who failed in the business, based on highly outdated information, or just plain hot air blowers. I call them heater people bcuz they’re just blowing hot air about a company/business they know nothing about nor been a part of. Do you research first or speak to someone who knows the truth before you believe in the false speakers or prophets who claim to know everything about this company or business.

But speaking and sharing false facts isn’t something *new* as Christians many of us know in the bible stories about false prophets and falsehoods being spoke upon Jesus, God, and it’s disciples. But this isn’t a religion post so I’m not going to go more into that. Some of the falsehoods spoken upon this company really just makes me feel sad not for the company that is being bashed but for the person who is doing the bashing. I feel remorse and sorry for this person to be holding just a hateful putrid soul rotting falsehood in their mind and heart bcuz what it’s really doing is harming themselves and not the company or business.

The truth is this company/business is BOOMiNG and people who speak/write/blog these negative falsehoods are just brushed off like dandruff on your shoulder bcuz the truth is there are millions who know the truth and one parasite or a group of parasites can’t compare to the millions of defenders who will crush and disinfect with one swoop. So before you speak … think ! Do your research and know the facts before you inevitably fall flat on your face by truth.

I admit it’s difficult working with a company that has such a tarnished past and many knowing about it and believing the false and dwelling in the past history but I have made it a goal upon myself to polish and rebuff the reputation of this company and let it shine for the truth they are and honestly believe even the most tarnished of tarnished can be made new again and seen for the true beauty within.


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