Dot Dot Dot … Part 7

domain-registrationSorry I haven’t updated recently but I’m been a busy that I haven’t had time to sit and write in my blogs lately. So Part 7 of my Business Endeavor is going to deal with my business and retail website link. Both web links are .Biz links and so many people have asked what’s .Biz ? Why isn’t it a .com like or ? Is it even a legit site link ?

(┬⌂┬) First of all … Yes, it is a legit site link. There are many domain links other than .com like in the image I chose for this blog post there are TONS !! There are .net, .org, .edu, .info, .gov, dot dot dot, etc etc. So I decided my business journey blog post today will talk about the different domain links and what each of them mean for those who feel my .Biz sites are fake or illegitimate.

Ok, here goes … So according to definitions of each are …

• .Com – They’re primarily for Commercial Businesses
• .Net – They’re for Network Organizations
• .Org – They’re for Non-Profit groups or Organizations
• .Info – They’re for Information
.Biz – They’re the Internets Top Level domain for businesses

There are a lot more .domains on the list but if you wanna read the whole list you can go to *Here’s a direct link to it …* to read about them more.

I wanna focus solely on the .Biz topic. Now going further into the .Biz domains let me share with you some interesting facts that will hopefully debunk your assumption or false info on whether my business and retail site is legit. Here are just two(2) that are pretty significant on their own !

  1. There are over 327 million that’s 327,000,000 .Biz sites registered in Google search alone.
  2. There are 90 million .biz names available than .com

Wow ! 327 million probably a lot more now since that number was last tabulated but I dunno how my business and retail domain link can be illegitimate when there are that many .biz domains out there. Again it all comes down to knowing the facts and thinking before you speak which I blogged about that in a previous post I think.

There’s a lot more to the internet than just a .com and if you think domain links are solely .com and everything else is not legit, fake, or whatever you need to look in the mirror and say those things to the reflection looking back at you. Not to sound harsh or mean but seriously if you’re thinking like that get your head out your bum.

I am starting to see this business endeavor for what it’s worth and it’s definitely not easy work and you gotta reinforce your heart to be made of steel bcuz you will encounter lots of heartache and hurt feelings but through the countless NOs there will be a YES and you just gonna stick with it and be persistent.

I have been told by the many who have done this business and succeeded that this business works but it solely depends on how hard you’re willing to work it and be consistent, persistent, and get back up when you’re knocked down. In this biz you gotta plant your feet deep into the soil like the roots of a tree and not let any storm blow you down.

If you have ambition and attitude like above … comment below and let’s talk about maybe starting you on your own business endeavor right besides us and when I say us I mean my husband and I. I will continue to blog about my journey and I’m holding back on blogging about the failures but maybe I’ll do that in my next blog post. Share with you the negatives, the failures, and the hurt I’ve experience thus far.



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