New Places … New Faces … – Part 8

13226c84475c447074827e181a4f6d0eI’ve been pretty quiet lately but that’s bcuz I’m been busy packing and getting things ready for my 1st business trip out of town. I am SUPER excited !! I dunno about my husband but I am excited. This is going to be our 1st business/vacation trip out of state beside the obvious Las Vegas, Nevada. Honestly as Californians Las Vegas kinda feels like it’s part of California as many travel there many times in their lives.

But to say I’ve actually traveled outside California this is my first. Actually everything is a first to be honest. First time traveling by Amtrak train, First time actually going out of State, and First business related travel. I’m excited to listen and learn a lot from this upcoming business convention. I am hoping that what I learn sticks to my brain and helps push my business further to great heights.

Many are still negative about this company and the business opportunity itself but like I said in previous posts … the company may have made some mistakes in the past but they’re human. Did you ever get a black eye that permanently stays for the rest of your life ? I am sure the answer is … No ! It heals and fades away returning you back to normal. Well, sadly this company has been running around with a black eye for many years even though it in itself has healed and improved.

Hopefully as I continue to blog about my journey people’s perspectives will change. With the way to economy and job market is going right now … any opportunity to financially free you from the employment world and give you freedom to live Life as you want to should have people lining up to the door to sign up. But I guess fear stops many from signing on the dotted line or learning more about this opportunity.

In my *new* business endeavor I’m hoping to meet some people who are willing to step over their fear and take the risks of joining in and doing “business term: Duplicating” what I do to others and have the attitude to work hard at their dreams and financial freedom. I have seen many who have taken the risk and deeply succeeded.

I am in complete awestruck by the young early-mid 20 yr. olds who have taken the risks and now financially free. There is a couple who are in the mid 20s that have now reached million-dollar status through this business. How many 20 something year old millionaires do you know ? Why shouldn’t it be you ?? I can help you make the changes to help put you on the million dollar income path as well.

So excited for this upcoming business/vacation trip within a few days. It’s gonna be a long journey but one that is going to definitely be worthy and be a memory I am never going to forget. Looking forward to seeing the *new* places and meeting the *new* faces.


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