Simple Yet Not So Simple … Part 11

I attended another business seminar yesterday and I have to say that this speaker is more easy to understand and more in depth in detail “Straight to the point”. I’m not saying the previous guest speakers at all the other business seminars I’ve been to which is quite a few are boring or don’t speak in detail it’s just most of them spent time sharing Life stories where as last night speaker was there to teach and not share life stories although he shared a tiny bit.

One part that resonated with me was his suggestion to quick success in this business which is register 1 person a month. Just 1 which will give you 12 in a year. You only need 3 to become financially free and 6 to transform the Good Life into the Awesome Life. It seems so simple to just register 1 person a month and yet it’s not that simple. Why ? Bcuz too many people aren’t willing to step out of their comfort zones, make changes in their Lives, or Fear just steers them away from the utmost awesome Life changing opportunity there is out there.

My husband and I are now four(4) months into this business and I honestly have to say there are times where I just wanna throw up my hands and throw in the towel to say this is impossible … I can’t do it ! We can’t do this ! I wanna quit !! But that’s not just who I am. Being disabled there were so many moments in my Life where I just wanted to quit and several times where I’ve tried to quit Life in it’s entirety but I always snapped out of it and continued trying and trying and trying.

One of my Life mottos has always been “If you don’t try then how would you ever know”. I am a huge fan in trying *new* things whether it’d be a *new* drink, snack, arts/craft technique, etc. I am the first person to try something *new* ! Many people I know say I wonder what the *new* Acai Berry Green tea tastes like, I wonder how the *new* video game is, or wonder how this or that is. Stop wondering and try it out ! Trial and Error has been a huge impact on my Life and I am not ashamed to say I have gone through many errors but I’ve learned through each one.

I have been told it’s okay to disclose the business in a personal blog so I am going to say that Amway is a bit of a difficult business to get successful in as products although excellent in quality and taste for their edibles is a bit high priced. But TRY THEM ! You have 180 days to decide if you don’t like it return it for 100% Money back guarantee. You can actually eat all the bars in the meal bar box and return and empty box saying you don’t like it and still get 100% of your money back !!

Does that make you go … Whoa ! Seriously ?!? Yes, I am serious ! You can return an empty vitamin bottle, shampoo bottle, used makeup, ANY PRODUCT we sell for a complete 100% Money back return and you got 180 days to decide. Who else do you know gives you 6 months Return & Refund policy ? Every store at most gives you 30 days with a semi-Money back policy. We give you 100% of your money back !! Returning products are easy too. When you order you will get a return label *WITH POSTAGE PAID* just tape the label and ship it back no cost to you !

Does that perk your interest ? Wanna check out what we sell ? You can visit … and check out the many cool products we offer. I highly recommend the XS Energy drinks as most are O Sugar – O Carbs – Low Calories and do not give you the jitters of Caffeine withdrawl. Even people like myself who are sensitive to high levels of Caffeine can enjoy them. They don’t taste horrible like you were drinking carbonated dirt but soda lovers you will love them as they taste like any other soda. We got root beer, cola, orange, etc. My favorite is the Cranberry Grape and Pineapple Mango Guava. We just came out with a *new* Dragonfruit flavor !

The list of items I would recommend could go on and on and on turning this blog post into a Harry Potter book length. L0L But check out the many products we offer ! There is nothing to lose when you got a 180 day 100% Money back guarantee backed behind every product. Don’t like it … Return it !! And if while looking through my site you’re thinking … How do I get my own retail website like that ? Well, good question ! Head on over to and enter access code: freedom to learn how you can start your own web based business and get in contact with either me *Mary* or my husband *Reymond*.

All it takes is a few moments of your time to sit down with you in what we call a Meet & Greet to teach you more about the business and answer any questions you got. If you’re still serious about starting your own path to Freedom we’ll take you through a process that all *newbies* go through and the big day comes in the end where we register you and you grow your wings to fly towards your Freedom.

We teach you the basics and guide you, mentor you, coach you through your entire process. But the BIG speakers at the seminars are the ones who really help strengthen your wings so you don’t fall face flat on the ground but fly higher than any Eagle could soar. It seems so simple but yet it’s not so simple !! You just gotta try and keep trying ! Never Give Up !!


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