Encourage not Discourage … Part 12


I’m starting to gain a tiny bit of momentum in my business but it’s not a race. There are others who are moving up in their business but the pace they move at doesn’t necessarily have to be the pace you have to move at. As the saying goes … Slow and Steady still wins the race. One of the important aspects of this business is to encourage and not discourage to build up not tear down. Definitely leave your green eyed iguana locked up in a cage as this business is not a place for the green eyed monster to rear it’s ugly head.

We have a couple in our business who are moving up and moving ahead. I am nothing more than proud and excited for their movement. I wish them luck in furthering their success as we continue to work on ours. It’s not an easy task but it’s a do-able task. Kinda like in school there are those who are high achievers and ace every subject and class they take and then there’s those who struggle or pass with the minimum grade or performance achievement.

Sure, back in school you were probably jealous of your friend(s) or classmate(s) who aced every exam and got every achievers awards but we’re adults now and this is no longer school. We have to be mature and encourage those moving above to help motivate ourselves to run besides them or behind them in our own journey to success. You’ll get there just don’t have to be 1st place or 3rd place bcuz no matter if your first or last the end destination is the same for all of us and first place or last place we’re all eventually going to a happy place.

So congrats to all those who are ahead in their success and I wish you all the best as you further your success and your dreams become closer within your grasp. #GoDiamondGo


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