Dead End … Make a U Turn ! – Part 13

Dead End ProspectI didn’t realize that it’s been about a month since my last post on my business endeavor. A lot of Life has been getting in the way of business growth but I am happy to report that we registered our 1st business associate to partner under our wing. We’re really excited for his growth and pursuit towards a better future as well as proud that he made the decision to make the change from the 9-5 clock in-clock out Life to one where he is able to work his own hours.

But since there a lot of things have been going on in our personal lives that we haven’t been able to go out much and seek more enthusiastic people to join us. We’re kinda hit a dead end and when you hit a dead end there’s nothing else to do but U-Turn and backtrack til you find a passable route. Too many things have been going on lately but with the help of our team we’re getting better and have faith that things will improve with time.

Every business has it’s dead phase where there’s no activity or growth but once that phase passes it picks back up again. Kinda like a garden in a storm … the dark cloudy days hinders the colors of the garden blooms and the rain soaks all the beauty of the garden but once the storm pass and the sun shines again the garden is alive with color and new growth from the rain of the previous storm.

I’m staying optimistic that our current dead phase will pass and we’ll eventually gain momentum again. It’s like waiting in line for a roller coaster ride. The wait is boring and dull but once you get on and start making the climb the excitement builds up. 😛 Ok, enough of the metaphors ! If you’re interested to know more about our business and what it’s about go check out our website @ and feel free to enter your contact information and we’ll get in touch to give you all the information you may request.


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