Quitting won’t lead to success …. – Part 14

c130f59bfea86afcf2dd41ffd13f92b6I am a person of Truth and Honesty ! So today’s business endeavor blog post is going to contain truths and honesty. I am a brutally honest person and it’s caused me to gain lots of haters and angry people who just can’t handle the truth or hurt by the truth but I tell it like it is and don’t sugar coat nothing ! My blog has somewhat transformed into a place I shared my thoughts and opinions into a journal or diary of sorts noting my journey since starting a business with my husband.

I haven’t clearly stated what that business is and what I do since I wasn’t sure of the business companies policies but since I was notified of the policy that we are free and more encouraged to blog about our business I started doing so but still did not disclose what the business was or who the company was. At this point in my business since my last blog post *Part 13* I’m pretty discouraged about everything so I am not afraid of any repercussions for stating the truths.

With that being said … I am a IBO “Independent Business Owner” and a direct-seller/distributor partnered with Amway. Many people know about the company Amway and right off the bat have negative feedbacks like Aren’t they a Pyramid, Isn’t that a Cult, Isn’t that a scam, etc. The internet is teaming with false and negative blogs, websites, and whatever that Amway is a horrible business/company and to avoid them like the plague.

Well, I’ve been involved with Amway and their system called Worldwide Dreambuilders for about almost a year now. I will tell you the honest truths about the business and company that is so falsely represented on the internet and by people who don’t even know anything about this business just by hearsay or what they read. Nothing is what it seems until you actually go to the source for the truth ! We’ve all been victims of rumors and rumors can spread far and wide but 90% of the time they’re far from the truth and unless you go to the source on which the rumor involves you’ll find it’s not anything that the rumor stated.

So let me tell you the truths and honesty of Amway. Amway is a wonderful company nothing like the false negatives being spewed across the internet. 100% of those negative blogs, websites, posts, etc. are written by people who failed in the business and just have hate and animosity towards the business because they could not stick with it. I’ll be honest here it’s not the easiest business to join into !

What is Amway ? Amway is a manufacturer of sorts who produce top quality products from Nutritional Supplements to Beauty Products to Household Products. What do you mean by Household products ? Well, products like Shampoos, Toothpaste, Body lotion, Cleaning Supplies, etc. Their products are Excellent ! I personally use and consume many of their products. I have nothing against their products but …

Now he’s the truth and honesty part … They are Expensive ! Their cost is what makes the business a very hard business to succeed in unless you are associated with those who are pretty wealthy or willing to spend $500-600 dollars in buying products. Part of the business recommendations is that you yourself spend that much from your store and if you’re like my husband and I “A Single Income household” that is difficult to achieve.

The basis of the Amway IBO system is that everything has points attached to it. Kinda like reward points for a VONS, Ralphs, RiteAid, CVS, or any store with a rewards card program. But unlike those store where you don’t get much back in return for your reward points accrued Amway gives you back actual $$$. The more reward points you got the more $$$ you will get back.

Unlike places like VONS, Ralphs, RiteAid, CVS who just gives you a coupon for % off your next purchase when you reach a reward points milestone or point mark … Amway gives you recognition and status. When I say Status you become somebody in the business and people will admire you to a sense based off that Status. The Status ranks are from Silver to Crown … Excuse me Founders Crown. Like you’d image having a Crown will make you like the King/Queen of the business.

But another truth and honesty is it’s kinda like playing the lotto in order to win that jackpot you’ll more than likely be spending a billion just to win that 2 million jackpot or 50 million jackpot. With Powerball tickets being $2 a piece and being played in 44 states your chances are slim but your chances of losing a million before ever gaining a million is high.

So what did that have to do with what I was previously saying ? Well, it’s very similar in the fact that you will have to spend quite a bit of money before you even get back a quite a bit of money. So like my example of you’ll need to spend a billion to make a million. Kinda is how Amway works.

Since day 1 my husband and I have spend several thousands of dollars to attend these crucial events that you are encouraged to attend. I think I posted about my trip to Portland, Oregon. My 1st time going outside the state of California other than Las Vegas, Nevada. But it was quite a expensive trip having to buy Amtrak tickets to Portland, Rental Car, Hotel, and any dining-shopping expenses. As I explained previously we are a single income household. So it was a blessing that we even had the money to attend this event.

Being a single income household trying to succeed in this business is difficult. Early in the start of this blog I explained that I am physically disabled and unable to work but due to the fact that my husband according to Social Security standards makes too much income I do not receive any SSI or Disability income as I once did. If you want me to talk about animosity ask me about Social Security cutting me off from any income. SSI should be solely based on ones disability and nothing more but sadly it is not the case.

Anyways before I end up straying off the topic. So my husband is the only income provider and although he makes a decent wage it just isn’t enough. Often times we go with an empty fridge and scrounge our cabinets to see what we got to eat if anything. With Monthly Rent, Utilities, Gas for daily transportation, and other expenses what’s left after ever pay period is slim pickins.

Lately we’ve been talking about maybe quitting this business because we clearly got in the wrong business. Amway is a business that requires you to invest a part of your income to them. It’s sorta like a Savings Account with a small % of interest. You have to continually put $$$ into it and overtime that will grow to something worthy enough.

But it’s not completely how it works but the rest of the parts is a bit difficult to explain. As a business owner you need … Employees to work for your business and do part of the workload so you’re not doing it all by yourself. Well, the rest of the part that is difficult to explain is sorta like that. You get some friends or people who are looking to work for a better future and teach time to do what you’re doing. Invest a part of the income buying products and attending events, meetings, functions, etc. and have them teach others to do the same. They call this “Duplication”.

Our issues and snag is that we don’t know too many people or meet too many people who are willing to take that chance or gullible enough to fall for this type of business. Back in the day when my Mom did Amway it was easy for people to join because they weren’t … I wouldn’t say Smart but they weren’t afraid to try *new* things. But people nowadays are smarter with where they spend their money, how they spend their money, and  play it safe.

I don’t blame them since money is hard to come by now and everything is getting so expensive. Cost of Living is rising but Cost of Wages isn’t matching up with the Cost of Living demands that many people as is are struggling financially. Even if they were given an opportunity to become financially free and build a better future they don’t wanna step out of their comfort zone.

That’s what’s making this business so difficult for us. I know it works because there are people in our team group who are making it far and wide succeeding very well in this business but they have something we don’t really have which are skills. I like to say they have the social herd mentality where they join and herd/pack and grown the herd/pack. Where as my husband and I are solitary animals who hunt and live as life partners but chose not to be a part of a growing herd or any herd. Kinda like Eagles they mate for Life but Eagle don’t fly in packs or herd just two solitary birds.

We’re being told that many have started off with that type of mentality and changed for the better. But we just don’t see that change happening. Are we also afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone ? Maybe, yes. We just aren’t people people and because of our current struggles, dead end, and mountain peak we’ve reached in the business we have contemplated quitting but we won’t. We wanna stick through this !

I’m not a quitter ! Growing up physically disabled there were a lot of things in my Life I could of quit on because it was hard. Could of quit walking, Could of quit school because of bullying and teasing, Could of quit this or that. But I was born opposite of a quitter and even now as a grown adult I am still not a quitter. I try and try until it is proven to be either impossible or not meant to be.

But I am going to be honest I am not saying I don’t quit. There are many things that I have quit on and probably could of succeeded in if I had not quit. But I won’t look into my rear view mirror as someone once said. Life is a roller coaster and most roller coasters only go forward not backwards and there are many Bumps, Ups and Downs, Twists and Turns, and scary moments. But when you ride a roller coaster for the 1st time it’s scary but once it’s over what do you do ? I WANNA RIDE THAT AGAIN !!

Sadly in Life you don’t get to ride that again. So enjoy it the 1st time around and endure the scary moments, Ups and Downs, Twists and Turns, etc. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Life is gonna be easy but it does say every minute of it will be worth it. So I’m going to continue with this business and hopefully we’re just on a slow roller coaster climb up the steep hill and soon we’ll be hurling down the other side in a rush of excitement.

Wanna know more about this business ? Check out our business website … www.FreedomEnterprise4u.wwdb.biz and if you want further information click Log-In and use the “Access code: freedom” If you wanna check out our retail website and Pay-It-Forward with a few purchases that would be greatly appreciated as well … www.Amway.com/HealthyAdvantage All our products are backed by a 180 day guarantee so if there’s something you don’t like return it with no questions asked.

Please, feel free to use the Contact button on the website if you have any further questions or if you would like to sit down and have coffee to learn more about Amway and the business. *Of course Southern California only* We aren’t millionaires with a private jet to fly around the world to meet you. ( ‘u~) Least not yet !! Someday … SOMEDAY !! L0L


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