Spend Money … To Make Money – Part 15

quote-you-must-spend-money-to-make-money-plautus-146593Continuing my business endeavor postings today I have to say I am still stuck at a fork in the road. Almost 1 yr. into this and I’ve reached a stale point in the business. The fork in the road splits into two(2) option … Quit and continue the Life of being content with they way things are or Continue forward and make some sacrifices.

Now you’re probably wondering WTF are you talking about ? Well, I already disclosed that the business I am involved in is Amway. I already explained it’s not a pyramid … It’s not a cult … and It’s not a Scam !! What Amway pretty much is in a nutshell is a investment. If you know about investments like a Savings account or Stocks or a 401k or whatever you put a steady stream of money in that will eventually grow to something substantial.

Amway is just the same except you get products from the money you put in and if you can get others to invest in you then you’re investment income growth will be substantial and the more you get to either invest in you or to join you and start an investment themselves is all the driving force between how to make money from Amway.

Keep in mind this is solely based off my opinions, experiences, and my observations from being in the Amway business. Please, do not base my views solely on the Amway business or system. Everyone has a different experience in Amway … some Positive and some Negative. For me it’s not quite Positive and not quite Negative but more Neutral. My business is stuck in Neutral and I got the Rev but I can’t seem to get the gear to shift into Drive and start moving somewhere. And slowly I’m running outta gas !

So if you’re thinking about joining Amway or know someone who is considering it know this … You need money in order to make money and unless you have a couple hundred maybe thousands to invest away each month then gaining any substantial income from the business is going to be slim to none. You’ll be spending more money attending the major functions that you are encouraged to attend and spending whatever spare money you have in products AKA investing quite a lot before you see any worthy amount returned.

But like all investments like a Savings account for instance the more money that is steadily being deposited into a Savings the higher the interest %. So if you deposit $3,000 every month your return interest given by the bank is high. So in turn you’ll grow a pretty good amount of income overtime. If you have a 401k at your place of employment a chunk of your pay check is taken out every 2 weeks to go into your 401k fund. The more % you chose the more money is taken out of your paycheck but overtime that amount will become pretty substantial that should you decide to retire you can do so with a very hefty 401k investment check.

So ask yourself … are you currently investing into something that’ll give back a substantial amount ? If you have a couple hundred bucks or even a thousand that you’re looking to invest away then Amway is a great company to invest with by becoming an IBO. But if you don’t have money to invest at all then Amway is not the business for you as you’ll only become discouraged, frustrated, and end up writing angry hateful negative blog posts like the millions floating about out their by people who did not have enough money to invest into Amway to make a substantial income return.

My husband and I are sadly in that position where since we’re a single income household with just my husband bringing home the bacon it’s difficult to have any money to invest into Amway when higher priority things like Rent, Utilities, Transportation Fuel, Daily Necessities, etc. all suck up every last penny my husband makes.

We’re trying hard to get others to invest in their futures but it hasn’t been an easy task as many seem to just be focusing on the NOW and Present time and not thinking about their futures or life 2-5 yrs from now. Most are content and prefer to just live their lives day by day working the 40 hrs weeks and no future investments.

When we ask them questions like do you see yourself doing that for the rest of your Life til at least retirement age ? Most answer with … Ya, I guess ! Then we tell them if there’s an opportunity to make yourself financially free and have more time to do things you enjoy besides working a 40 hr. week job would you go for it ? Most answer with … Uhh… I guess. But what is it ?

IT’S AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE !!! How important is your future security and if you are married with a family would you prefer your future be spent home with your kids, traveling the world, or being full-time parents with both you and spouse not having to work but to invest into your future ? Then check out our website … www.FreedomEnterprise4u.wwdb.biz Watch the videos and if you want more information just fill in your contact information in the Contact form or call us … 1(866) 280-5153 If you live in the Southern California areas we can make an appointment to come meet up with you and have coffee to talk about this investment/business opportunity.

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