Reliquishing Dreams – Part 16 “The End”


Well, it has been awhile since I last posted about my business endeavor and that is mainly bcuz there has been no activity since my last post. This is most likely be my last post regarding my journey in the Amway business. As my husband and I are deciding to call it quits. We’re not quitting for negative reasons regarding Amway.

At least only a tiny bit of it has to do with Amway. Our main issue is with our uplines. I am going to go into more detail that usual as prior I withheld and tried not to disclose too much but I felt since we’re going to resign as IBOs and relinquish our dreams I might as well just give you the full on. Both the good and bads, the memories made, friendships made, and my entire experience as an IBO with Amway.

Be it I have only been in the business just under a year but it just isn’t for us. I posted a post awhile back talking about the Power of Association and how whom your associate with makes a BIG impact on how your business with Amway succeeds. Well, you need an association with wealthy people who are willing to give up their Name brand Shampoo at the local store to buying a Amway brand through you. Be it the quality of the Shampoo through Amway is a lot better than your usual brand but the price is just too steep for some to afford.

That is one of the reasons we are resigning as Amway IBOs. We have ZerO clients buying from us aside from my occasional purchase from my Mom or BFF. But they don’t really have money to purchase a large amount of stuff either. In order to make money you need a high amount of clients all purchasing a pretty pennies worth of stuff from you. It doesn’t 100% have to be that way if you can get 100 people buying just one product it’ll work too but we don’t know 100 people and the people we associate with aren’t wealthy enough to buy not even the cheapest item Amway offers.
It’s really a business based on profits and due to their tarnished past and many people with false beliefs that Amway is a pyramid, A Scam, A MLM, A this or that and avoid it like the plague it’s really difficult to recruit people into it. Everyone … and I mean EVERYONE seems to know about the Amway business and their outlook on it is often times negative. We found most of the time people LOVED the products but not the company. Some just were negative all around both product and company.

But the most important part of the Amway business is your support system and part of that support system has to do with your Mentors, Coaches, and Uplines. You need genuine caring, supportive, honest, and true hearted people as your Mentor, Coaches, and Uplines or your business will struggle and/or flop.

I don’t really want to disclose the truth about how I feel about my Mentor, Coaches, and Uplines but since we going to resign it really doesn’t matter or be of any worth holding it back. I know my upline reads my blog and maybe it will help him realize, change, and learn to better his mentoring/coaching for future prospects whom he recruits or it can just make him avoid recruiting anymore people who are like us and unable to afford the constant product purchasing, the function costs, the high monthly fees, etc.

So here goes … so my honest truth and opinion regarding my Mentor, Coach, and Uplines are that they are money hungry and only care about their profits and income growth. They only focus on those who are making them money or have potential in making them money/putting them in a worthy rank. They don’t bother talking to or coaching those who are struggling or not making any progress. Bcuz those people will not get them any closer to gaining a bond with the wealthy people of Amway.

Their words are often empty vapors like steam that disappears with the wind. When you turn to them for coaching or got a question or confide in them their words of advice I can feel don’t come from the heart but rather come from their wallets. Some things my Mentor has said that really resonated with me that I disliked was this … “If you want to be my friend you gotta earn my friendship. You got work for it first” Another one was “Don’t make me waste my time and money coming here to talk to you if you’re not going to move in your business”. Doesn’t sound all that friendly or supportive does it ? If you ask me sounds snoody and egotistical.

If I were able to get a lot of people recruited into my business that together we all reached a rank I know I would be an excellent Mentor/Coach bcuz if you know me personally you’d know I have a heart the size of the entire universe and I am the type of person that will give you my last penny and give you the last loaf of bread in my bread box or the clothes off my back for you. For some I would even give up my Life for them.

I CARE ABOUT YOU !! I don’t care about the profit margins, money you’ll be making me, or the worthy rank. Nor do I care about rubbing elbows with the Amways wealthy. You are sheer delusional if you think that the wealthy people of Amway will become your friends and invite you into their homes bcuz you reached a high rank. They’re ordinary people ! You think if you became wealthy or a famous celebrity that Mark Zuckerberg will wanna be your friend and invite you over to his backyard BBQ or that the richest person in the world will start emailing you and say Well, Hello fellow millionaire. Let us sit down and drinking million dollar tea together.

Again the Power of Association comes up again bcuz the Mentors and Coaches of Amway mainly urge you to drop your friends and gain *new* ones. Ones who are wealthy, One who have dreams and moving to accomplish them, One who have the mentality like you. So they want you to give up your BFF you knew since Kindergarten bcuz he/she is not rich or a entrepreneur. Stop associating with your closest friends and find yourself snoody, wealthy, country club friends who just care about their wealth.

This is one of the many reasons I gave up on Amway long before my husband himself decided to. I have many close friends and I love them for who they are and would not drop them just bcuz they aren’t a specific Status that Amway sets for friends. MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING !! So many celebrities have all the money in the world but most don’t have a true friend who cares about them as a person and not by their celebrity status or wealth. Many eventually become unhappy with their lives and feel alone turning to drugs, alcohol, and other negative habits all bcuz their association is only with like-minded people.

So before this post becomes a Harry Potter book I just have to say that Amway system needs to change a few things to adjust itself towards the less wealthy IBOs, lower their product prices to something that is a wee higher than retail store products, and drop the high monthly fees and make them one annual fee which includes everything like attending seminars free without admission fees, your voicemail service, etc. for a annual fee instead of a high monthly.

But most importantly fellow IBOs whom might be reading this … Please, care and be compassionate about the people you recruited “downlines”. It’s not all about the money ! You might gain a long-term friendship or help someone out of a unfortunate situation to a fortunate situation. People these days are just so afraid to give. I mean if I were an Upline with a good amount of client base and making decent income I would not be afraid to give my downline some money to help them along with their business or life.

But another negative is Amway has rules against that. “No tampering with other peoples money”. So again if they can’t succeed just leave them and keep walking. Honestly the Amway business is like the Oregon Trail game. We’re all on Wagons heading towards a destination and if one grows ill, broke a bone, or whatever rather than helping them the leader suggest you just leave them to die in the desert and move on. Thin the weak and feed the strong ! NOT COOL !!

So long Amway it was an interesting and in some points inspiring and motivating journey but every journey has to end some where and this journey has reached it’s DEAD END and there’s NO U-Turn. Farewell and I wish my Mentor, Coach, Uplines all the best and hope they reach their dreams and remember to remain humble in their wealth.


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