Put on a BandAid and Keep on – Part 17


I know in my last post I said that I was giving up on this dream and throwing in the towel as our business endeavor had left me banged up and bruised in all areas. But I have put on my bandaids, healed all up, and ready to continue the trek. Growing up when I fell down and hurt myself my Mom would slap a bandaid on the wounds, dust me off, and I was back on the playground.

So now as a grow adult I am going to keep that gesture alive ! I have put on my bandaids, dusted myself off, and I am back on the playing grounds. Doing this business isn’t easy and you’ll meet people who aren’t really supportive all the way to the people who are supposed to be the most supportive and give you guidance.

I have to honest I do not know where we stand with our mentor/coach/upline and if we mean anything to them at all. But I know people who have gone this business endeavor alone without any mentor/coach/upline guidance. We have pretty much learned the basics and it’s pretty much up to you to step up on the rungs of the ladder and climb on up.

Just gotta take it one step at a time and you will slip but just keep on climbing. The prize at the top of the ladder, the view from the top mountain peak, the light at the end of the tunnel will and can be achieved but it is not an easy journey.

A *new* year is set to unveil and begin ! As the *NEW* 2016 year starts I am hoping for it to become a prosperous one with better success and a smoother endeavor in this business. The easy way is to quit and submit to the working world til you’re 6 ft under. But my dreams and my husband’s dreams aren’t something we want to just give up on.

Especially me ! I have been carrying my dreams for 33 yrs. hoping to see them come to fruit and I have fallen many times in my 33 yrs. of Life but have always gotten right back up. I will not give up now !! It’s not easy to convince people and help them see their dreams are worth pursuing but I am not going to give up reaching out and giving people the opportunity to build their dreams. #I-AM-A-DREAMBUILDER

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