Using the proper terminology … (Ŭ-Ŭ) Word. – Part 19


Words ! Without a doubt words are very important. Especially the proper words in order to perceive information properly. This business is a BIG on words ! The way you phrase something depends deeply on how well your business will succeed. In this business you are required to speak to a lot of people and wording is a important part of conveying what you are trying to sell or express.

Many people in this business are explaining that this is a business of earning Financial Freedom and living your dreams. But to me that verbiage isn’t correct or proper. This business is more of an investment. The payout that comes from this investment is a lot greater than any 401k or Mutual fund or any other investment out there. The more you put in … the more you get out.

Part of this business is to attend meetings and functions to keep you trained, coached, and motivated. WRONG !! You don’t attend meetings … they proper word is Seminars and they aren’t functions but Conventions. The definition of meeting is … an assembly of people, especially the members of a society or committee, for discussion or entertainment.

We are not there for entertainment or discussion but we attend to learn. And when you attend something to learn it is called a Seminar. The definition of Seminary is … a conference or other meeting for discussion or training. Meetings are generally small like a group of 10-15 people these business meetings seminars often consist of over 100 people sometimes more depending on the location.

Now annually we have 4 major events functions to attend. I don’t like to call them Events. The definition of event is … a thing that happens, especially one of importance. Yes, these events are important but I really don’t think that is the proper verbiage for it. As I explained above the proper term is Convention. The definition of Convention is … a large meeting of people who come to a place for usually several days to talk about their shared work or other interests or to make decisions as a group.

If you’ve ever attended a convention in this business … They are HUGE !! Thousands if not MAX Capacity Arenas and Convention centers are filled to the brim with people. Anyways the whole purpose of this blog post is to just explain that using the proper terminology, phrases, and verbiage is a key towards success in this business. If what you are saying or trying to convey is not perceived correctly it’s your loss.

Make sure you’re using the proper words that entice and are perceived correctly in your favor of success. Say don’t spray it as you climb up to the summit. Make it happen but use the right words.


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