Can’t spell Business without You – Part 20


Well, as of next month “April” my husband and I would celebrate our 1 yr. anniversary since starting this business. It has not been an easy year I can tell you that. But looking back I realized that the 1st year of the business is not about growth, not about making client base, not about making any profits … but more so it’s about YOU !!

In this business they always talk about the 2 to 5 yr. plan notice it says 2 to 5 yrs. not 1 to 5 yrs. Having almost reached the 1 yr. mark I look back and realize that in the 1st year what it important is focusing on yourself. Unless you have previous business experiences or skills going from a nobody to a business owner requires a lot of changes in you as a person.

So I believe that the first year you start you should focus solely on yourself. Make changes in your weakness, strengthen your strengths, change your negatives into positive, and most importantly improve your mindset. In the beginning you’ll attend seminars where they always talk about having the right mindset.

I believe the first year of business should focus mainly on yourself and who you are as a person. I know even though I am nearing the one year mark I as myself still has a lot to learn and change. People skills is one thing I’d like to change and overcome. Shyness is another. Also negative mindset similar to the image above ↑ of I can’t, I won’t, It’s Impossible, etc. Mainly lack of faith in themselves and self-confidence.

We have made much growth since starting this business but we aren’t giving up nor quitting. I believe that first we must gain growth personally before we can gain growth business wise. I am excited to start off the 2nd yr. and hopefully in the 2nd year there will be growth and change in not just the business but personally as well and the business will begin to prosper.


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