Patience Young Sapling – Part 21


I have always been told that I am sorta the Metaphoric sage because I’m really good with creating Metaphors that really resonate and help people understand a situation a lot clearer. Some see it as a gift and some see it as pure wisdom beyond my years. But I thought about a metaphor that really resonated with myself as I was trying to explain to my Best Friend about my business.

So many people are just so negative about my company and the business. A Million Nos to 6 Yes is pretty much what most in the business want you to understand. Hearing No is never easy as rejection in itself is not easy nor pain-free. It hurts to be rejected and hear someone say No. I admit to you that I have cried many times over someone who has rejected and said No. I am not a strong person when it comes to rejections.

But maybe after I post this metaphor that I had created for myself people will realize and change their insights about this business and company. #1 thing I constantly hear is that it’s a pyramid/pyramid scheme. I’m sorry but it’s not that at all. It’s a tree rather than a pyramid ! (¬ ⌂ ¬) A tree ? Yes, I said a tree ! Let me explain what I mean by this business and company is a tree. Below is a image of a chart showing the Life cycle of a Tree …

When you plant a tree you start with the foundation which is the soil. You cultivate it and prepare it, ensuring that the soil is healthy, nutrient-rich, and the right consistency to sustain the life of a tree. This part is generally the beginning of your business process … as know as your learning process. You learn about the business and cultivate your mind and mindset so that it can sustain the Life and journey you are about to embark as an Entrepreneur/Business owner.

Now after the foundation is set you begin to plant your tree. Not everyone really starts growing a tree from a seed like in the image but think of your process that way. So you set the foundation and planted your seed. It takes quite a long time before you see any growth. Maybe 1-2 yrs you’ll start to see a sprout … 2-4 yrs. a sapling … 5-10 yrs. a small tree … 15+ yrs. a full grown tree.

Ok, so you’re thinking what does this have to do with the idea that this company and business is a Pyramid/Pyramid Scheme ? Well, if you really knew what was a Pyramid/Pyramid Scheme you’d know it means the higher ranked or tip of the pyramid makes the most money than the bottom of the pyramid and any money made in the entire pyramid goes to the tip of the pyramid.

That is not at all how this business and company works !! Hopefully this post will change peoples views and they will begin to see the truth and dissolve the false representations of what they thought they knew. Amway is not a Pyramid or Pyramid Scheme but rather it is a Arboretum. Many foundations are created and then a tree is planted. The tree is the base of what many think is pyramid.

In a tree you got the base and it’s many branches. In this metaphor I’ll be using fruit trees. So a fruit tree in all it’s glory provides of course it’s delicious fruit like the Apple, Cherry, Peach, etc. But in order to produce those fruit it starts with the foundation. A tree that has been planted in a healthy – nutrient *positive* soil foundation will have strong roots that run deep. A tree on the other hand that was planted on a poor foundation will had shallow roots and in a storm probably fall over.

The branches of a tree have many smaller branches that branch out from the larger branch which is part of the main tree. Some branches produce more fruit, some may not produce as many but have many leaves and healthy growth, then there are branches with no leaves, produce no fruit, just barren but alive. If you are a farmer and you are harvesting the fruit on the trees. The branches that producing the most amount of fruit is praised and brings joy. But the tree itself is not really acknowledged much. It’s branches are the ones that are bringing more joy.

So this company and business is just that. So many trees that have fruitful branches but the main tree *tip of the pyramid* get’s it’s share of praise by fertilizing the foundation that started it all and water to continue it’s healthy growth but the branches are the ones that get the most praise and joy by it’s fruits that it produces. You gotta till the soil and cultivate your foundation before you can grow a fruitful tree. But most importantly you need to have a lot of patience as trees don’t grow overnight. It takes years to grow a tree and branch out into something that will blossom and provide fruit.

If you wanna cultivate your future tree … Click this link and start your own foundation and grow along with the many trees in the fruitful Amway Arboretum.

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