Social Media … Love it or Leave it ! – Part 22

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.

Hello … Many of us are still suffering the withdraws of the Fourth of July weekend that passed. We celebrated our Freedom and love for the country and with today’s post I wanna extend that love. One other thing I love about America is your right and entitlement to an opinion. When I first started Psycho Babble’s Blog is was mainly just that ! A place where I can freely state my opinions on things.

But now it’s become my blog where I blog about my Journey in becoming a Business owner, Entrepreneur, and more importantly an IBO in the Amway business. I am not going to go into details about that since I’ve been doing that since Day 1 that I started blogging about my business. So if you wanna read into detail go back to Day 1 and read up til now.

Anyways today’s post is about Social Media … you know Facebook, Twiiter, SnapChat, etc. In this business some people think of Social Media like Facebook as time wasters and something you should avoid. They actually advise you to delete your Facebook accounts and any Social Media accounts because they will deter you from your main focus and again waste your time.

I deeply disagree with that fact or statement ! I honestly believe that Social Media is an important tool to your business growth. The world has over 3+ billion people living in it ! If you avoid Social Media what are your chances of ever encountering anybody who lives outside your circle (i.e City or State of Residence) ? Of course other than vacation travelers and just travelers visiting. But even then if you shared this business opportunity with them how will you remain in contact without a Social Media account ? #1 thing people will ask is do you have a Facebook or SnapChat ? I know you can just communicate by email but to me that’s not a very personal relationship method.

To me using Social Media like Facebook helps you with business growth ! There are so many around the globe who have dreams but unsure how to obtain them or people who have heard about the Amway business but never knew who to get in contact with to learn more. Amway is such a vast company stretching over 100 countries. How awesome would it be if your Amway team isn’t just regional but global ??? You don’t just have downlines in nearby cities or in the same state but you have prospects/downlines all over the globe !!

I have made a few friends and shared this business opportunity with a few strangers now friends whom I met through Social Media like Facebook and Instagram. i would never imagine making any friends in London or UK or Japan or Thailand without the use of Social Media. So I completely disagree when people our team state that Social Media is a time waster and should be avoided to stay on track with your business goals.

I think by using Social media you can gain wide growth in your business and business team. I would love for my team to not just be California based but also branches out to other countries like the UK, Japan, Australia, etc. They won’t be directly mentored by me but they will be registered as my team and I think that is awesome and Social Media is the greatest way to meet people from all over the globe. So I say keep using the Social Media sites to help stretch your business beyond your dreams !!


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