Never Give Up Your Dreams – Part 23


It has been awhile since my last business endeavor post. I have not given up or quit ! I’m not a quitter !! Looking back since my first post I start to map or blog my business journeys a lot was experienced both UPs and DOWNs. But even through tears my husband and I continued on bcuz we believe in our Dreams and this business. And I can tell you that determination, faith, believing, and never quitting is beginning to pay off.

In the beginning we thought this business was impossible. Trying to share about a business that has just a permanent black eye and tarnished reputation that soon as you bring up the name it’s immediate negativity coming from people who know nothing about the company or the business. They are mainly based off friends, family members, or hearsay that is outdated by 10+ yrs.

Before you judge a company by it’s past learn about who they are now ! Every business … Every company has it’s past and has made mistakes that isn’t exactly favorable to the reputation of their company name. But still we are loyal to those companies and many of us are even doing business with them to this very day without thinking about their past history. So why do it to any other business or company and judge them by their past history as it only makes you a hypocrite.

Think Smart ! Do your research … Get to know the Company and the people associated with the company … Learn about the Companies values and systems … Heck attend a couple seminars and your judgement of the company might completely change !! You might even see it’s a positive company that you wanna become a part of. There’s too much negativity in the world as is. But Negativity is not an incurable disease … it’s a personal choice in Life. Give the world a bit of encouragement and avoid being a Negative Ned or Negative Nancy and live Life being a Positive Pete or Positive Paula.

Ok, enough of that ! Now onto the good news … if you’ve been reading my business journey posts since day 1 you’ll see the UPs and DOWNs the hurts and disappointments that I have encountered throughout this journey. Every business journey has their seasons ! Some are good some are bad. Well, we’ve reached a season of Good and possible chances of increase. Like I said in the beginning of this post my husband and I have not given up on our Dreams.

With that dedication and belief that we can do this … we’re starting to grow our sprout. In a previous post I used a tree metaphor and explained that in the beginning you’re a just a seed and all the seminars you attend, personal counseling/mentor meetings, etc. that’s just the fertilizer and water you’re absorbing into your seed in order for it to germinate. Well, we’ve officially sprouted and on our way towards becoming a tree.

We have a few couples seriously interested in taking this journey along side us. We currently have one seed that has been planted into our orchard and he has not sprouted yet but I have faith and believe that one day he too will grow into a strong successful tree. I have set a goal that by 2020 my husband and I will have started seeds to what will become a vast and fruitful orchard. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP ON OUR DREAMS !!

We’re now a little over a year into our business journey and I honestly from my own personal experience say that the first year of starting your endeavor in this business isn’t really about business growth but more personal growth. The first year is mainly learning to grown personally and overcoming fears, personal doubts, building self-confidence, and self-esteem, and clearing out the negativity in your Life.

It can be a pretty difficult and daunting task for some. Especially someone like myself who grew up negative and had so many personal fears, doubts, and had zerO self-confidence or self-esteem. Growing up with a physical disability was pretty difficult on it’s own. That feeling of being treated as different, unhuman, etc. Definitely puts you into a dark depressing negative bubble or let’s just say a dark gloomy cloud lures above you blocking out any sunshine *positivity* and that cloud lingered with me for many years. It’s not til recently that the sun started peeking from behind that cloud and I believe it’s due to this business changing me from the inside out.

I invite you to check out our website : and educate yourself about the business before you make false judgements or statements about this business. It really is a business that you would be dumb not to be a part of. If you have Dreams this is the gasoline to fuel them into action and get them out of your heart and mind and into your hands and built into reality. We are slowly but surely growing our business and I am eager as well as excited to know what is in store for us in the next 2 to 4 yrs. Like I said my goal is 2020 will be the year our tree branches our and grows fruit. Come join us and start your seed in the Freedom Orchard !!


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