Accountability – Part 24


Well, I will give you a early warning that this post will somewhat be quite heavy in the emotions. As I mend another battle wound from my business journey. Each wound isn’t like a paper cut but more like a deep laceration to into your heart and soul. The feeling of each would is how you’d feel if you were run over by an 18 wheeler and every bone in your body has been crushed. It’s excruciatingly painful but it’s a part of the Entrepreneurial world. Every successful business owner will tell you been there felt that.

Honestly, if I were to describe the world we live in right now with one word … I’d have to say that word is LOST. So many had Dreams but lost them or lost the passion to pursue them. Summer is about to end and many are just beginning their Life journey after graduating High School a few months back and many are just Lost ! Going to College has become increasingly expensive that many are thinking twice about going but what is there after High School if you don’t go to College besides working odd jobs to survive or working a job you totally hate bcuz it’s the best you can do.

Before I start wandering off-topic I want to talk about Accountability. According to the dictionary … Accountable means : (of a person, organization, or institution) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible. To me I believe Accountability is the most important thing in Life next to Religion and well … Breathing ! I think it’s something that we should all learn from day one !

Not so much mainly about doing what you said you’re going to do or making a commitment and sticking to it but I truly believe that accountability is a reflection on ones Life choices. If a person values accountability and also does what they say they will and consistent with their commitments I think they will have a positive and successful Life. But those who aren’t so accountable and don’t exactly do what they say and make their actions valid they are going to struggle in Life.

I had a teacher once who was totally not the poster model teacher for an accountability award. He never did what he promised or said nor was he ever on time to open up his classroom. He was even late to a field trip we were suppose to go on. He told the class and the principal to be early for the school bus at 7:00am. He arrived at 8:30am said things like his alarm clock didn’t go off, his dog hid his car keys, he couldn’t find his book bag, just excuse after excuse. Let just say come next semester we had a *new* teacher.

I can just imagine him working another job still not being accountable and just going through Life making excuses and not following through with anything. Now a great poster model for an Accountability award would have to be my husband ! He’s the most accountable guy I’ve ever met. When he says he’s going to be somewhere … he makes sure he’s early ! When he says he’s gonna do something … it’s done hands down ! Never makes any illegitimate excuses. If he calls off from work bcuz he is sick … HE IS SICK !

I am glad to be married to such a accountable guy bcuz I’ll be honest I’m a huge procrastinator and very wishy-washy when it comes to decision making so I am a wee bit unaccountable. But I’m working on it with the example of my husband ! He’s helping me a great deal with being accountable and sticking to goals, a to-do list, and commitments I made to myself.

But being an accountable person and making accountability a priority in Life I think is a very important asset to ones Life and Success in Life. It’s been a long journey since I first started this business endeavor and I can tell you un-accountability is a pretty common thing it seems. It does so much hurt me but it hurts to see someone with so many dreams just flush them away down the latrine. It hurts to see them just accept the what is over the what it could be. Settling for the long slavery Life of working til they’re no longer able to.

It’s really sad to see so many just chose to settle in that quadrant. We all know there’s no such thing as a glorious retirement at 65 or even a Social Security pay check that will provide a lavished posh living at 65. I know many who are living that retirement age and struggling to put food on their plates and most without the help of the children would most likely not survive very long. Even if you had a Six-figure job and saved away since you were a teen that money doesn’t replenish itself like a magic pot of rice. Money goes by real fast and unless you have a job or other means of steady income flow once it’s gone … it’s gone !

Then you’re presented with an opportunity that can provide a glorious Life and help you bring all your Dreams to fruition and shown the brighter light at the end of the tunnel instead of a dark tunnel with a note that says … Due to budget constraints the light at the end of the tunnel has been permanently turned off. Thank you !

We have shared the opportunity with so many people and given them hope back into their heart and souls. Turned what was a black and white heart and soul into a 4k clarity colorful rainbow. They seen it and felt it but just when they’re getting closer to planting the seeds to start their dream orchard that will one day come to fruition. They turn around and return to the darkened tunnel they were wandering for years and give up their Dreams and choose to live in the darkness of Slave labor and struggles.

It just doesn’t make sense and honestly it hurts to see people turn away and walk back to the dark world they lived. Why ? Why do you wanna work til your final breath ? Why work and try to save some of your pay check only to realize there’s nothing there to save once rent, utilities, car payment, auto insurance, debts, and everything is paid each month you only have enough for groceries for the week. You call that Life ?

Sure, you can tell me I’ve been saving my 401k and I have approx. $50,000 in it and plan to buy a house with that. Hope you plan to buy a casket for a bed bcuz by the time you save enough to buy your dream home you’ll be old and only living it for a short period of time while still working to pay for it. I have known people who bought a home and realized they can’t afford to keep it but don’t wanna lose it so they take up 2-3 jobs just to keep the home but not realize they’re never home to enjoy it bcuz they work 2-3 jobs and if they have a family it’ll most likely end in divorce with kids who never see them father or mother bcuz they’re always away at work.

My husband and I have been trying to open peoples eyes and see that that is not Freedom. Through our business we have seem people leave their jobs at 25 and make millions through their business. We are being mentors and coached by two of them as we speak. They have both left their jobs at 25 and one of them probably has more zeros attached to end of their bank balance than you can even count.

Both are married and have kids. None of them left their kids in a daycare or had only one parent home while the other worked. Both were home 24-7 and attended their kids needs 24-7. They can pack their bags and take off to any part of the world and not have to submit a vacation request or time off request nor check their bank accounts to see if they got the money to take this trip. They just go and decide when to come back.

Wouldn’t you want a Life like that ? I know I would. I just don’t understand why some would want to turn their backs on an opportunity like that when it’s presented to them. I would just take it and run with it til I’m living the dreams I have always dreamt. If you’re an accountable person and reading this wondering how can I get in on this opportunity ? My husband and I more than welcome you … You can check it our through our website : or call us @ (866) 280-5153 and we’ll get in contact with you to share this glorious opportunity.

But please … Please … PLEASE ! Don’t give up on your dreams and settle for the lesser. We all deserve more than we think and it hurts me so to see people just accept their struggles and think there’s no way out or that’s just the set of cards they’ve been dealt. NO ! Our circumstances and our Life can change if you chose to make the change, be accountable, persistent, and never … NEVER GIVE UP ! Never give up on yourself or the Dreams !! I believe in you and I know you believe in you !! GO 4 FREEDOM !!

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