Tough Love .vs. Empathy – Part 26

Well, it’s almost the weekend ! Hope you have some greatness in store for your weekend. I want to start off today’s post by first saying … Thank you ! Thank you to those who have voiced out their opinions and requesting that I continue writing about my business journey and how much it is being enjoyed as they relate to it in their own current business journey. I also want to thank the *new* followers of my blog … Thank you and Welcome !

When I originally started this blog I never really started with the intention of having a large following of readers but mainly just a blog where I wanted to jot my personal thoughts, opinions, and random babble jargon. I did know in the back of my mind that there will be someone reading my blog and finding it interesting. But I still never kept too much focus on the subject. But now I am surely grateful and happy to know that there are readers and that you are all enjoying what I write especially my latest business journey writings.

So I will accept your requests and continue writing my business journey as it compels me to do so. The messages I received about how it’s been relate-able and  how some of you are also going on the same journey as I am is touching to know and I appreciate you voicing out to me your opinions on my blog. So without further ado … Let’s get this blog started ! Here we go !! \(n 3 n)/

Today’s business journey post I wanted to talk about Tough Love .vs. Empathy. What do I mean by that ? Well, I kinda think of being in this business as like being at War. We’re a;; after the same goals pretty much which is to get debt-free, be financially free, job-free, and reach that level and beyond in this business which can truly turn your Life around.

Now how many of you have played an FPS *First Person Shooter* game ? Something like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. Doesn’t matter whether it was on PC or Console but these games work well on teamwork as everyone battles to stay alive and/or maintain a high kill score. My husband and I used to play Counter Strike a lot !! We even at one point owned our own server and a part of what made our

My husband and I used to play Counter Strike a lot !! We even at one point owned our own server and a part of what made our Counter Strike team great was teamwork and pretty much the Lilo & Stitch Ohana motto of “Nobody get’s left behind”. We always scoured the maps in teams and backed each other up. One *normally with the better shooting skills. L0L* would go first and when that person is shooting we’d also shoot as a backup. When we had a teammate low on HP we shielded them and protected them til our team won.

I have a few friends who are real life military soldiers and I think of this business kinda like being in the military and each team has their Army of Men and Women battle to win it ! Now in the military, you can imagine there’s a pretty big difference between tough love .vs. empathy. How so you say ? Well, when you’re out there on the field there’s gonna be times where you’re too exhausted to keep moving. A fellow soldier might fall to the ground in exhaustion. Most Army captains show tough love by telling you to leave them behind and shout “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE … KEEP MOVING FORWARD”.

I have to admit my husband and I are the two soldier who is falling behind from the rest of the team and our captain often facilitates that tough love. He doesn’t seem to show much empathy to those who fall behind and be understanding of one’s feelings or situations.My husband and I aren’t really should I say prepared to keep up with the team. We lack some of the skills and sometimes wonder what are we doing on this team/business. But we aren’t quitting and we continue to tread forward even if we’re behind.

In the webster dictionary the definition of Empathy is … the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also :  the capacity for this. Or the simple definition of … the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions : the ability to share someone else’s feelings.

I have to be honest that I just don’t feel like our team captain has Empathy and our partner aka Upline we feel is one of those soldiers who’ll stay behind for a second but hesitate to completely stay and fall behind from the rest of the team. Their the type who say they’re deeply sorry and run to catch up with the rest leaving you behind. And our team captain is like all other Army captains who just say keeping moving forward don’t stop and leave the fallen behind as they’ll slow the rest of us down.

So I’ve come to realize the only team I have is just between me and my husband. We are both very empathetic people so if one falls we’ll be there to pick you up and if one is too exhausted to go forward we’ll stay behind and help you rest. Our team has moved so far ahead and our circumstances just keeps dragging us behind. So if you’re in the same business as us and started a team of your own even a mini one of a 2-3 people … chose Empathy over Tough Love. The goal will always be there and there’s no specific time limite or expiration date to reach that business goal.

As they say money can’t buy you Love. If you were to pick two(2) people and one has Empathy the other Tough Love and have each create a team for a Call of Duty battle I thikn the team with Tough Love might win the battle with cold-hearted skills but Empathy could also win will compassionate teamwork, strategy, and be stronger as a brick wall because of the compassion and teamwork foundation keeping it strong. In my personal FPS gaming experience … a Tough Love team often results in team kills where someone kills their own teammate or there’s arguements where as a team with true teamwork skills remain til the very end of the round and often win via forfeit.

You choose how to run your team in the business but I’d definitely wanna be a part of a team that cares about one another and not after the $$$ signs or amount of zerOs that will be after the Amount of : part on their victory check.


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