One Door Closes … Another is Opened !


Hey, everyone ! So with today’s blog post I am going to close the previous journey blog posts as it’s currently in hibernation mode so to speak. I haven’t quit the job it’s just I have a *new* obligation that I would like to start blogging about. So hopefully you’ll still stick around and enjoy my *new* posts as well.

So as of October 27th, 2016 I have started my 1st job ever as a Seasonal Cashier at Walmart. I have been a long time customer of Walmart but now I am proud to say I am a associate of Walmart. I will not disclose the store location but I wanted to blog about my journey like I did with my business journey. Possibly people whom read my blog post will change their attitude and views of Walmart stores and their employees.

As I stated in the previous paragraph I have shopped at Walmart for the longest time and pretty much know most of the Walmart locations I shop at. So you’d think I’d know where things are. Well, let me burst myth #1 that Walmart workers never know where anything is located in their stores. Ok, that one is false !

Walmart is constantly moving the location of their items especially during seasonal months when they stock more inventory for the seasonal holiday like gift sets and decorations, etc. They move a lot of the aisles that was previously there to a *new* location and so associates aren’t often aware of the location change and where the *new* location is.

We are not dumb, clueless, or just don’t care !! We’re often so wrapped up in our own department duties that we just aren’t noticing the relocation changes. I’m not here to argue or pick fights but as a shopper I think part of the shopping experience is looking around and finding what you’re looking for. It’s kinda like a Where’s Waldo book ! Go around the store and look for Waldo the jar of Pickles or Waldo the box of Q-Tips. When you’re reading a Where’s Waldo book there’s nobody to ask … Excuse me ? Have you seen Waldo or know where I can find him ? NO ! You look for him yourself until you find him.

My day 6 shift starts later this evening but I do have some gripes with how Walmart treats their *new* hires especially someone like myself who’s never worked a job before so everything and I mean EVERYTHING is *new* to me and even more so that I am a Cashier and never been a cashier or have any cashier experience. I’m getting the hang of it but they kinda put me in a department where I’m kinda abandoned from any assistance if I need any. I have a code to punch into the registry to call a manager over but they never come.

Another gripe is they do not have per aisle mapping so when customers come asking for an item I have no idea where … I have to just guestimate where that might be found or where I’d go if I were looking for that product. I plan to later today create my own aisle to aisle map so that I ensure when a customer asks where a certain product is at least I can direct them to the right aisle and let their own eyes see what side shelf it’s on.

I have always been a person who puts others first and a bit of an OCD perfectionist so it eats away at my soul if I directed someone to an aisle and it was wrong. I not only let down the customer but the Walmart store and all the other fellow associates. We’re now in a day and age where complaints, gripes, or dissatisfaction of a store is not only kept to themselves or silenced. We have sites now like Yelp where you write comments Good or Bad about a particular store and that particular employee or manager or whoever.

I for sure do not want to be written in a angry Yelp comment that I told them a certain item was here or there and was wrong. And be labeled things like another dumba$$ Walmart worker or don’t bother asking just go look for it yourself. In the next few days I am going to personally take steps to ensure that I am able to direct customers in the right direction and be at least 90% correct.

We do get recognized when a customer tells management that we are doing an positive job via a Appreciation pin and our name on the I Appreciate You board. I may be temporary seasonal worker but I make it my goal to earn a pin before my Seasonal work is over. I may possible be kept as a permanent if they like how I work so that’s also a goal of mine that I stay even after the seasonal season is over.

But please, before you go negatively labeling or viewing Walmart associates look in the mirror first. Remember the golden rule … Treat others as you want to be treated. If you’re straight our nasty to us when asking for help … do you expect us to smile while you beat us on the head with a loaf of french bread as you ask where’s the butt wipes at ? Be polite, Be respectful, Be friendly ← that one especially because we’re all working hard and we’re often exhausted and a few kind and friendly words of encouragement would really make our day go a bit better.

So I ask you not just to Walmart store but any and ALL stores you visit in the upcoming holiday season … Have mercy on us ! We’re most likely *new* seasonal workers and our nerves are already on edge trying to learn the *new* duties and roles. So we’d appreciate some kindness this holiday season. It’s Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays not Murder Christmas and Hack Away Holidays. Show mercy, Be patient, and polite as you do your holiday shopping !

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