Be Thankful …


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s supposed to be that time of year where we count our blessings and say our Thanks but have we really lost touch with the things that are most important that badly ? I have witness many unthankful, ungrateful, and unappreciative people that it’s really sad.

So it’s been about a little over a week since I’ve officially been working behind a cash register and I’m starting to get the hang of things without making any boo boos. But the complaints I’ve been hearing from coworkers about having to work on Thanksgiving holiday or to be having to work … PERIOD on any day ! I’ve heard that people have quit left to right due to not enough hours being given and just basic whining and complaining.

What happened to being thankful during the Thanksgiving season or every day of your Life ? I am deeply thankful and grateful that I have a job ! Thanksgiving in my honest opinion is now sorta overated. You can still spend time with your family but do you really want to spending it sitting around a table and stuffing your face with Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Green Beans, Pie, etc. I’m no Thanksgiving kill joy but save the family gathering and stuff for Christmas.

It just grinds my gears *Yes, I used a Peter Griffin phrase* that people are complaining, whining, and got their undies in a bunch bcuz they have to work on Thanksgiving, not working enough hours, or they have to work at all. I am glad I have my job and willing to work ANY hours they give me and ANY type they need me. I am happy to serve the customers and really take the phrase “Proud Walmart Associate” literally ! I am proud !

There are plenty of people in the world who are struggling and living out of a homeless shelter searching for a job everyday but unable to get one and here you are blessed to have a job even if it’s a meager one and all you do is complain about it from the moment you swiped your ID badge into the time clock til the moment you swipe it again to clock out.

All I can say is those who complain and whine on a chronic level … you really need to re-evaluate the ways you chose to live your Life otherwise you’ll just grow old miserable and bitter about everything and anything constantly complaining, b!tching, and whining til you’re 6′ ft under the ground with a tombstone that says … Bah Hum Bug ! Screw You !! !@#$*

Life is a lot more brighter when you are thankful for even the smallest of things, worry less, stress less, and just live in the utmost positive ways possible. Also always try to fix the negative reflections you see in the mirror into positves. Negative anything just corrupts the soul, corrupts your mind and mindset, and corrupts your future leaving you with a dark cloud lingering forever over you hindering any positive warmth and sunshine to shine through.

So this Thanksgiving and all throughout the the year both the remaining 2016 and the beginning of the *new* 2017 … Be Thankful ! Make a list of everything you are Thankful for ! Get a small gift for the people you are Thankful for and take a moment to even thank a stranger whether it’d be the McDonald’s worker who got you your McNuggets or your neighbor out for a stroll with their dog. A simple Thanks could make all the difference to someones day.

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