I am not an All Knowing-All Seeing robot !! (>⌂<')


Ok, so yesterday was the worst day of my work Life. I’m a very sensitive person and do not take being yelled at easily and cry easily. But before I go any further I want to say I know that the holiday shopping season is a very stressful time for everyone as there’s only 21 days left before Christmas and we’re all trying to get everyone on our list all while stressing over the fact that we’re maxing out our credit cards and going to be in debt for the next 2017 year. But don’t lash out at retail store employees or release your stress out on anyone else. No one deserves that !

Now let me go into detail what happened yesterday. Let me first say that ALL the negative BS about Walmart stores, their associates, etc. is all false ! As a Walmart Associate I can tell you that any negative Stigma around Walmart is caused by nobody else but rotten customers with rotten souls. Like yesterday my day was pretty hectic as is with people requesting an item from the locked display case and me not having access to the keys to the locked display case. The associate whom I know has the keys is nowhere to be found. Customers were upset waiting for someone to open the locked display case and getting upset at me thinking I’m lying to them about someone with access will be coming. That alone stressed out my day.

Then about an hour before I’m about to go to my Lunch break a lady asks for a specific item. An refill for a electric exfoliating brush. Customers have asked me if we sell those powered exfoliating brushes and I never seen them on the shelves and none of my coworkers who work along side me in the cosmetic department has seen or heard about such product. So I explained to the customer I don’t think we carry such a product but you can check what we have on the facial care section. I asked what brand it was and she didn’t even know. All our items in the Cosmetic Department is organized by Brand or product type.

Now also keep in mind that I am disabled and in a wheelchair so my range of vision is lower than an average person. I am not able to see what the items are on the top shelves or shelves higher than myself. So this customer looked for the item herself and found the product. *Good for her, right ?* She comes up to me and says “the product was right there on the shelf ! You should be very ashamed of yourself for being incompetent and not knowing what products are on your shelves. I should report you to your manager and have you fired”.

That seriously hurt my feelings and I started to cry. One, I’m still *new* only like a month since I started. I know the location of items in and around me like where the Toothpastes, Deodorants, Hair Dye/Hair Care items are, and certain cosmetic items but I DON’T KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS !! I’m not some kinda Walmart droid that can circle the store and find exactly where an item is give you Google Map directions to it. I’m HUMAN and most importantly I have feelings just like any other human.

It’s important to remember you don’t know a person just by looking at them. A few tidbits about me is I’m very emotionally sensitive, I cry easily when yelled at, teased, hurt, etc., I have Social Anxiety Disorder but trying to overcome it … so just being outside my comfort zone “Home” and working in an environment where it’s constantly social is a struggle and emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing at the end of the day, I’m learning disabled so it takes me a few minutes to count out your change and make sure that it is correct and coins are something I still struggle with so .90¢ to a normal person would be a quick and simple three(3) quarters .75¢ + a dime .10¢+ and a nickle .5¢ but for my slow brain I am counting my fingers to be sure it’s right or wanting to just hand you nine(9) .10¢ dimes to make it easy. I guess maybe I should carry a calculator in my pocket.

But what I’m trying to say is not I’m not the others and have a whole slew of disabilities like one I forgot to mention above is I’m also developmentally disabled. I may be 34 yrs. old in age but mentally I am probably more along the age of 5 or 10. A coworker even joked at me when she say my lunch was a Lunchables. She laughed at said “Aww… you’re like a little baby a 10 yr. old eating a Lunchables”. I laughed along side her but really it was a sad low blow to me since I am developmentally disabled and pretty much in my mind am a 10 yr. old.

I dunno maybe I should report all my disabilities to management so they are aware of them. I know they’re pretty much thinking the only disability I have is physically being in a wheelchair. I don’t think they are aware of my learning disability or other disabilities. But I’m sorry I’ve rambled off my topic. Anyways you as a shopper this holiday season or on any day need to show respect to the store clerks no matter what the store. Just like you we have our good days and bad days. You have no idea what a kind smile or kindness means and does to someone. When someone has a smile and genuinely kind it makes our day and yours all that better !!

Many of the shoppers who are shopping at my Cosmetic department at my Walmart store probably don’t even know that I have been paying for their .10¢ bag charge. I brought with me ALL the dimes from my pocket change jar and when I ask someone if they’d like a bag I’m not punching in the bag charge code but rather taking a mental note of how many bags they got and afterward paying for the amount of bags they got. I do it as my way of paying it forward to the valued customers as a Christmas gift from me to you.

I know you’re saying “Why don’t you just tell people you are paying for the bags ?” Well, the reason for that is because not everyone appreciates a kind act. Some will say “God Bless you and thank you for your kindness” others say “Ya, whatever”. So I chose just to keep the act of kindness to myself as I know God knows the act I am doing and he is the only one that really matters to me.

So as you do your Christmas shopping please don’t last your shopping stress out on store associates as we are on our own stress working hard to keep products you need on the shelves, helping customers find everything they’re looking for, and answer all and any questions you have to the best of our abilities. We are not robots who know everything and every items on our shelves so do not get irrate or ugly when we do not know something. Part of your job as a shopper is to use the two gumball sized organs in your head called Eyeballs and search for the item. Shopping in a store … ANY store is like reading through a Where’s Waldo book … Search for Waldo even if it takes hours to find it. If he’s not there look eleswhere and by elsewhere try another store. Not every store carries everything !! And what you see on a website is not always in stores as well but online-only !!


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