The 2017 saga journey begins …


Hey, Everyone ! So how’s your Christmas shopping going ? You done ? Just getting started ? Wrapping the final gifts ? I haven’t even started doing mine since I started working my days off don’t line up with my husband’s so I don’t have time to shop and Walmart doesn’t exactly have everything I’d wanna buy my family. So most likely Christmas gifts for my family will be delayed til I am able to find time to shop.

Anyways I have some good news to report ! When I started blogging about my Walmart job opportunity I had originally applied as “Temporary Seasonal” and *makes trumpet sounds and throws confetti* I was told on Sunday that I am going to be kept and bumped from “Temporary Seasonal” to “Permanent”. *Insert sound of cheer and roar* YAY !!! So I am now an official Walmart Associate !! Some of you might cringe and think negatively about being a Walmart employee. But every store is different and every store management is different as well. The attitudes of the Walmart associates greatly depend on the attitude and ethics of the store management. I have awesome store management and fellow co-workers. We seriously are like a tight-knit family than employees.

Not only am I a Walmart associate but I am also a Walmart shopper and I shop at many different Walmart locations. I have seen and experienced the different store management environments. I can tell when store managements don’t respect their staff and just work them like a slave horse and never giving any praise or encouragement or show appreciation/gratitude and stores where management does what they’re supposed to and associates are happy, helpful, friendly, and upbeat.

But anyways I’m rambling away from my main topic today which is the “Online Only” subject. I get a lot of customers who come to our store looking for a product and say they saw it online and it says we carry it but we don’t. Many items you see on is “Online Only” and when it says we carry that product it does not mean we carry that product “In Store” it might mean that you are able to order the product and have it shipped to our store. Not every Walmart store has the Site-to-Store offer so if you find a product online on the website … my suggestion is to call the nearest store first to check if the item is in fact in the store but if it’s not it’s most likely an “Online Only” product and you’ll have to order it online and have it shipped or picked up in a store.

One suggestion I highly recommend which makes it easier on us associates as well as you the shopper is to download the Walmart app. In the app it will tell you the items we do have in store and also be able to look up what Walmart also has that item in stock should my Walmart location not have it. It’s really easier for you and less stressful for us rather than you yelling at us or arguing with us that the website said a product is in the store and that we have it !! Remember we are just store associates we have no control or access to the entire store inventory and what, if, or where a item is in stock. Best bet is to ask Store/Department Manager or go to Customer Service department as they will probably have that access to look up an item in our inventories and stock room.

I do my best to study the store on my breaks so that I can better assist you in finding the specific items you are looking for. It also decreases the chances of customers yelling at me bcuz they looked through the entire store and did not see what they were looking for. No offense but some customers can be sheerly shopper blind where the item could be under their nose or right between their eyes and they still won’t see it. I have had irate customers fuming and steaming at me that a fellow associate said an item is in this area and they circled around several times and did not find it. One quick scan with my eyes and it’s right in front of them !! Most laugh in embarrassment and some just have too much pride to be ashamed of themselves and say nothing ! Not even a thank you.

(∩3∩”) Walmart is kinda lucky that I am a hawkeye shopper since I was a kid. My Mom would be looking for something and I was always the one to find it in an instant. I still have that hawkeye shopper skill but I’m also very observant and look at everything on the shelves. I enjoy scanning through every aisle of a store and I think I got that from my Mom bcuz she is that way too. Could go into a grocery store with a short list of items that would normally take you a 10-20 minutes shop in and out the store but for my Mom it’ll take her 1-2 hrs. or longer as she browses the whole store. Sometimes she’ll come out with just the things on her list or she’ll find deals and sales and return with a cart full of things. But that’s all a part of the shopping experience !!

Another part of the shopping experience is walking through the store. I know my Walmart store is pretty big in comparison to some other stores but it’s all a part of the shopping fun if you have to go from one end of the store to the other and back. I’m amazed at customers to come to my department asking for tissues or toilet paper which is on the other side of the store and they go “(≥⌂≤) *ugh* Are you serious ? I have to walk all the way to the other side of the store for it ? WTF !!” *grumble mumble as they walk away* (ñ⌂ñ’) Come on people !! Consider it your daily cardio exercise to power walk to the other side of the store for your poo poo wipers.

I also get customers who cash out at my register saying … “I only came here for a few items and ended up with more than I needed bcuz the prices are just so great or I might have needed it later on”. Don’t feel regret or remorseful for buying more than you came into the store for. That’s the whole purpose and experience of shopping !! It happens to everyone even me ! I’d go to into like a craft store like JoAnns or Michaels looking to buy just adhesive tape refills for my ATG gun but end up picking up stamp sets, markers, paper packs, some stamp pads, and other items that I did not originally come into the store for but needed them or might need them for the future use.

But anyways as a customer/shopper please do your part and research first before you walk into a store and get irate, annoyed, angry, or throw a hissy fit at us bcuz a product you were looking for was not in our store shelves, stock inventory, or whatever. That is the problem with internet shopping … NOT EVERYTHING ONLINE IS IN STORE !! It’s one of the reasons I don’t like shopping online. My main reason is I don’t like paying shipping and waiting for the item to arrive. I kinda prefer to walk into a store, pay for just the item, have the item in hand, and get home to use it right away over shopping for it online, paying for the shipping, and waiting 2 weeks or sometimes month(s) for an item to arrive that you sometimes forget you even ordered.

But the holiday season stresses does take a toll on you and I am completely understanding about your frustrations but don’t take them out on the poor store workers who are working hard to provide you service to get your shopping done in a pleasant manner. Have a heart and remember while you’re out shopping and throwing your frustrations out on a store associate they are here working hard and not able to do their own shopping bcuz they are working hard for you. We aren’t robots who know where everything is or if every item both online and in the store is in our inventory.

Honestly though … since starting my job in retail @ Walmart in particular my attitude for retail workers has dramatically changed. I know have more patience and sympathize for fellow cashier workers who are hustling to get your items scanned, bagged, and totaled all while trying to keep a smile on their face when it’s been a LOOoong day or they’re feeling flustered by rude customers. It reminds me to always give my 110% when I’m behind my register and to offer comfort to fellow cashiers even in another store to relax, take a breath, smile, and interact with the customers so that the job goes by a bit easier. If you just (•↔•) Blank faced, no chit-chat, and just hustling through the customers purchases it does make customers feel awkward. I always smile, strike up a small conversation, and take my time. Rushing causes errors and just makes your day horrid.

Well, it’s time for me to get some little late lunch. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday … Merry Christmas from our family to yours and if you ever happen to be shopping at my Walmart location which is store# 5686 @ 1301 n. Victory Pl in Burbank, CA … Come on over to the Cosmetic Department register. I’ve kinda become the secret express lane where you can avoid the long lines and get in and out quicker. I am also able to take a large cart full of stuff as well but my counter space is quite limited so as long as we got a assembly-line type momentum going where I scan and you put the scanned item back in your cart and hand me the next item things go quite smoothly. It’s not always easy being in a wheelchair and all. Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog posts and for those long time followers/subscribers … Thank you for your dedication to my blog postings and I look forward to continuing into the 2017 year and sharing more interesting things to post about.

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