Start 2017 Broke ? (┬.┬)

Hey there ! I hope your 2017 has started off better than mine did. I’m not 100% complaining since I still do have a job but I am deeply bummed that I am only scheduled three(3) days in the whole month of January !! I don’t go to work til the 15th, 18th, and 19th for four(4) hours and that’s it ! That is not going to help me pay my bills.

I have spoken to management who are in charge of schedules and told they will take care of it but I guess not. I have to tell you … Transportation is vital when you have a job. I am disabled and don’t have a license to drive .. yet ! I don’t exactly make a good enough income to constantly be taking a Uber ride home. An Uber ride home costs $17 dollars on weekdays and $25+ on weekends. My husband can pick me up on his two(2) days off but If I did that for the other three(3) days scheduled *if scheduled at all* that would eat up my paycheck to where it’d be like I’m working for *Free* !!

Friends and family have suggested that I apply to be able to used Access transit service but I guess you can say my personal pride refuses. I’m not that badly disabled that I need to be using services like that. I am planning to work hard to pass my Drivers License in 2017 and get a car to drive myself to work. I was SUPER thrilled when I was told that instead of temporary seasonal associate I am going to be moved to permanent which meant I’d have a permanent income source for me to make personal improvements like pass my drivers license, buy a car for the 1st time and make payments, and enroll at PennFoster for their Graphic Design Bachelor Degree course.

But if they continue to schedule me like they did here for the month of January that would not exactly be a good idea if I’m only going to be working three(3) days of only four(4) hours income which comes out to $42 (o~O) ?!? At that rate the only car I could afford is a matchbox car or a model of my dream car. Hopefully this is temporary and February I will be given more hours. But something tells me that I may not last much longer with them. I sense either I’m going to be told that they cannot get a working schedule for me based on my transportation needs or be told I need to find a better transportation or another job closer to where I live.

If they could bump me from Part-Time to Full-Time and schedule me to work 12pm to 9pm then I’d have no problem but I think I might possibly have to rethink my options and resign as the hours and pay is not worth it for me transporation wise. I gained my work experience as my 1st job and established a work history so it wouldn’t be totally a lost. Once I pass my Drivers License I could probably go back and be happy with whatever they give me since I no longer have transportation issues. I pray that I do pass it !! You have no idea what it means to me to have my Drivers License !!

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