Sorry, Temporarily Out of Stock !!


So things are starting to smooth out now that the holidays are over and we are getting less of the things I spoke of in previous posts but the annoyance I want to blah blah blog about is the people who don’t understand when an item is temporarily out of stock. They think we have a magic room where everything they need is stored. Some of us do have access to check if there are any in the back room but if we don’t … then we don’t !

We do get *new* shipment in but when or what exact date the trucks delivering the goods come in is unknown by anyone not even management. So it’s very pointless and annoying to argue with us or look at us like we’re just lazy and don’t wanna check the information. We do what we can to provide you the information you requested but up to our control. What is outside our control like the arrival of the shipment trucks … there’s nothing else or any other info we can provide that we already haven’t provided.

Even I as a Walmart shopper who’s shopped at many different Walmart store locations know every Walmart is different and not every item is available at ALL Walmarts. For example a Stayfree Feminine Padding I always purchase is only available at a Walmart in Duarte. Other Walmarts even the one I work at doesn’t carry the type I buy. You just have to be willing to make the extra trip and go to different Walmart stores.

My husband and I shop @ Walmart in Duarte, Walmart in Covina, Walmart in Chino, Walmart in Norwalk, etc. We shop at all sorts of Walmarts some several hours drive away. We don’t mind the road trip. It’s fun ! The choices you have if we don’t have the item you want is to … 1.) Come back when we might have it in stock – 2.) Go to other Walmart Locations – 3.) Buy it from another store like Target

Just have patience and understanding when you’re shopping at a store. It doesn’t have to be Walmart but any store. Items sometimes go out of stock especially since we’ve been having bad weather all over the US that delays the delivering trucks from arriving on time.

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