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Been awhile since I last posted something. So to update you on my journey as a Walmart associate … I was temporarily away from my main position as a Cosmestic Cashier due to a personal injury being caused by my repetitive wheelchair use at work. My main hand for manuevering my wheelchair is my right hand which is also my writing hand. But I guess repetitive wheeling around the store was putting pressure on my carpal/median nerve in my palm causing my three(3) fingers of my right hand to start going numb and tingly.

I visited my primary doctor thinking is was peripheral neropathy which is a sign of diabetes. My Mom has diabetes but thankfully I’m safe in that area but rather told it was coming from repeated pressure being applied to my palm. He suggested I speak with my employer for accommodations to minimize use or some type of device to assist me. I am in the process of getting some gloves.

But during the process I was away from my position as a Cosmetic dept cashier and was working as a phone operator answering phone calls. It was definitely an experience to handle all the different types of calls. One of the most popular calls was people looking for snow chains or tire centers and it was difficult to give them a location closest or convenient to them. I did write a list of them down in my notebook but I used the Burbank zip code as the main location.

I explained to callers the process of where to go on the Walmart website to find that information more specific to their location and needs but many were just lost on how and where to look. So I decided to post this up as a tutorial of sorts to help you better find your needs at Walmart stores. I hope that it is helpful and that it makes your shopping experience a little bit better and easier.

Please, feel free to comment with any changes or feedback on if this was helpful to you or not and if there’s anything else I can help with to make your Walmart shopping experience better.

FAQ *Frequently Asked Question* :

Where is the nearest Walmart from say L.A ? – What Walmart has a tire center ? – Does your location have an Optical center if not which one does ? – What’s the phone number to the Walmart in Porter Ranch ? – What time is the Walmart in Panorama City open til ? – Are there any 24 hour Walmarts still around ?

Walmart operators don’t have all the answers to that as we didn’t have access to look up that information for you. But below is a step by step to how you can find a nearest Walmart closest to you and also check if they have certain centers there like Vision Center, Money Center, Tire & Lube Center, Pharmacy, etc. that may hopefully be more easier and of help to you than calling a random Walmart and getting an answer not quite what you had hoped.

Step #1 – Go to and click Store Locator *Click on image to see them larger*

You might be asked by your browser or Google to save your location.


Step #2 – Enter your zip code to find the closest locations to you.


Step #3 – Click Refine your store search to look up Walmart stores that have specific service centers


Step #4 – When you open the refine search box … you have the option to adjust the miles distance of Walmart stores from your location and to pick the specific service centers that you might be looking for.


Step #5 – The information regarding miles away from your location, Store hours are located here but click More services and info to get other information such as store phone number and services they offer. 


Step #6 – Once you click More services and info … here you can find the Store phone # number and a link to get directions to that Walmart store from your location. If you click it using a smartphone you will get the GoogleMaps app which will direct you there step by step or mile by mile. 😛

You can also look up if that Walmart store has a particular item in stock but as a Walmart associate I must remind you that every Walmart store carries different products. What was being sold at one Walmart may not be sold at another Walmart. For example NYX cosmetics are not sold at my Walmart location but another Walmart location has NYX cosmetics but doesn’t carry ELF cosmetics. We carry ELF but not NYX. So take the web results with a grain of salt and tequila. It may say we carry an item but in fact we don’t. Best bet is to call the store ahead to check if they in fact do have the item in stock rather than coming to the store and being told we do not and fume your frustrations at us. /(>⌂<)\ Sorry !!


Well, hopefully the above tutorial will be helpful to whoever is reading my blog still. Remember that what you see on the internet isn’t always going to be available in store. It’s the perils of the internet like if you looked at an item on Best Buys it’s more likely not in stores. But use your common sense too. If you see a Hot Tub for sale on our website think if you’ve ever seen a gigantic hot tub on display in a Walmart store before or if you see a  lawnmower … ask yourself have you seen one of those in aWalmart store before ? I’ve been a long time Walmart shopper before I became an associate and I can tell you even in the Walmart’s with outdoor garden centers I have never seen lawnmowers. Just to let you know it’s easier for us to help a calm customer who’s willing to be helped than an angry one who thinks we’re all clueless dumb minions of Sam Walton. Show respect – get respect, Be rude – You get rude.

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