Helping you Shop Better … Live Better – Part 2


Hi, there !! It’s been awhile since I last made a post for you guys. I just haven’t been able to muster up any energy or creative mojo to do anything other than just vege out on my days off. But today I thought I’d stop procrastinating and post another tip to make you shopping trip to Walmart more pleasant. I wish I had screenshots to show you visually but it’s pretty simple and when I get the chance I’ll try to get you screenshots for those of you who are visual learners.

So today I’m going to share with you two(2) tips for making your Walmart shopping easier. Well, make that three(3) tips. First, tip is download the Walmart App ! If you’re a frequent Walmart shopper it’s only fitting to download the App so you can stay up to date on any sales and what not happening in your local Walmart store. (n w n)

Now the next tip is regarding the app. Be sure to set your favorite store location so that you’ll be able to see where items are located in your favorite store BUT if you’re not at your usual Walmart store then if you turn on your Location setting in your smartphone it will tell you the item locations for the Walmart store you are in !! No more running circles in the store trying to find an item.

Ok, so to continue on with the App let me teach you how to use the App to be sure that what you are looking for is being sold in stores. Now when you search for an item it’ll pull up the item(s) with two tabs up above … on the left and your current Walmart store on the right. What’s on the right is what’s in the store and will normally have a small rectangle with a letter and a number for example J-2 or I-5 that means the aisle number in which the item is location meaning it is in store. But if you see an item without an aisle number or it’s on the left side that means the item is sold ONLINE and you can order it through or the App but it’s not available in stores.

Now also through the app you’ll be able to look up the stock of other Walmart stores in the area if you find that an item you are looking for isn’t available at the Walmart you currently at. If you scroll downwards you’ll see Store Availability and the option to check more stores. You can check there to see if any other Walmart has the item in stock and if none of them show as having any available it’s best to order from the website instead. Online order thing is still a bit confusing as some items do say Pick Up Same day which I don’t quite understand since it takes 2-3 days to process an order and if we don’t have that specific item there’s shipping time too. Normally online orders can take up to 6 days to process but you’ll get a text/email if it’s ready. But that’s a whole other blog post which I’ll do in the future.

Hopefully the above is easy to understand without the step by step screenshot pictures. I’ll try to get some of those when I get a chance to help make it easier. Oh and aisle numbers … people always ask me where are  your aisle numbers ? They are always at the upper corner of each aisle entrance. You’ll see a Blue tag with white lettering telling you … I-2, J-9, A-5, etc. I’ll take a picture of that when I get a chance at work. I’m always S0 S0o… Busy !!

For the last tip is regarding the price tags and which is the price. (=_=”) Walmart recently switched their Price labels to these … Untitled

And they have been causing confusion and headaches for many customers as to which is the price of the item and what is the price in the orange square. The Price you pay is in the section highlighted in YELLOW. The ORANGE price is just the price Walmart paid for the items. For example … in the image it says $1.68 that is NOT the price you pay. That is the price Walmart paid and under the it says PER 100 cnt. So what that means is Walmart paid $1.68 for 100 count.

Sometimes you’ll find items with orange price that say PER fl oz. For example say you’re looking at a tag for cologne and it’s $24.97 in yellow but Orange says $3.78 PER fl oz … that means Walmart paid $3.78 per oz ! Now let’s say the bottle is a 8.5 oz bottle … well, that means Walmart paid approx. $31 per bottle and your price is $24.97 you pay less than Walmart did.

Now I’m not trying to disrespect in any way but it shows your person of character if you argue with me about why the Orange price is cheaper than the Yellow and why I can’t pay the orange price when I explained to you what I just explained above. Also Walmart is not a swap meet !! You cannot haggle or name your own price. I’m just saying as I’ve had customers approach me and say $3.00 ? Can you just give it to me for $1.50 ? I mean $3.00 is a bit much for this don’t you think ? (¬⌂¬) Uhh … No ? You pay what the price tag says. If you’re really in a penny pinch try a dollar store to find a similar item ? But I like this brand and like this item just don’t wanna pay $3.00 for it.

Seriously ? $3.00 is too much for you to pay for an item you like ? Anyways hopefully todays post was helpful and if there’s something you’d like me to blog about as far as Walmart goes let me know in the comments below. And an additional tip to Save money … Live better … if you find an item you wanna buy and the packaging is a bit dinged up like box is crushed or has a dent … you are entitled to 10% off for a damaged box. Ok, I gotta run … have a great weekend and I’ll try to blog again soon. Thanks for reading and subscribing to my blog !! Bye !! \(n 3 n)


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