Reverse Evolution ??? … Rant & Vent


Ok, today’s blog post is mainly a rant and venting out which will hopefully be heard and people will start acting like civilized humans and not apes/cavemen. My last blog post I taught you some helpful tricks to using the Walmart app and reading the price tags.

Well, today I want to ask … no, request … No, DEMAND that as customers to please be respectful !! I highly doubt that you’re mother taught you to trash the store you’re at, steal, or make a mess. My Mom taught me to respect the store, keep it clean, clean after yourself, and be respectful wherever you go.

I have seen posts saying that the younger generations have no respect and care bcuz they lack discipline. Parents no longer spank or discipline their children and I witness it at work. A child presses the Fire Emergency Door causing an alarm to go off and the Dad doesn’t even flinch just walks away annoyed of the beeping sound. If it were my parents I’d get spanked and my Mom would be mad asking why did I do that for ? She’d either make me apologize for pressing that door or severely punish me when I got home.

But these days none of that happens. I get kids coming to my Cosmetic corner finger painting with the bottles of foundation, opening up the lipsticks and trying them on themselves, or they rip open the Lipsmacker packages to taste and smell them all while Mom just calmly shops not saying a word to her kids wrecking everything in sight. Who’s the one responsible for wiping that mess, claiming out that lipsmacker package(s) and picking up after the wreckage they left behind ? ME !!

Now my main vent and aggravation is towards product manufacturers. Are they really that trusting of customers that they don’t seal or just any type of protective seal on their products ? I mean how hard would it be to put an inner seal on the bottles of lotions, shampoos, etc. I have gotten some items that do have inner seals. I cannot count the amount of bottles of lotion that are opened, shampoos and conditioners that customers have opened to smell and squeezed to where it oozes down the sides of the bottle.

And don’t get me started on the cosmetics ! Too many manufacturers don’t seal they products shut as I explained above. So lipsticks you can easily just pop the cap off and as most people I’ve seen do color swatches on your arm or hand. Same goes with the liquid foundations … people just twist the cap off test if it’s they’re color put back the one they tested and grab an unopen one to buy it. YOU JUST OPENED IT TO TEST IT !! IF YOU LIKED IT THEN BUY THE ONE YOU JUST OPENED !! You’d think that would be the common sense but sadly no !! No it’s not !!

I still don’t understand the whole fact of grabbing from the back of the stash over the front ones either. I had a customer pull off 20+ eyeliners from the rack and place them all on the floor bcuz she wanted the one in the far back of the stack. I posted about it previously that it’s better to grab the items from the front than the back as the back items are older and been there while *newer – just recently arrived* is put in the front.

I once asked a customer why do you grab the items from the far back and not something up front. Her reason was … “Well, customers usually opened or tested the ones up front and the ones in the back aren’t touched”. I explained to her the items in the far back are usually old and/or damaged and pushed to the back. It’s better to just grab from the front or middle stack and also there isn’t such a think as an item a customer hasn’t opened or tested in Cosmetic dept. EVERYTHING GET’S OPENED, TESTED, TOUCHED, AND DESANITIZED !!

I’m honestly glad I don’t wear makeup bcuz the amount of customers I see swiping the lipsticks on their sweaty arms or dirty hands and dipping their dirty fingers into the bottles of foundation I am pretty sure if you get reactions like rash or itching of the face from these products it’s most likely from the germs left behind of customers who open and tried it using those methods.

I haven’t even worked a year yet at my store only 9 months to be exact … I started October 2016. And I have seen that Common Sense really is extinct and evolution is in reverse. I cannot tell you how many times people have opened bottles of lotion and said to be I buy this lotion all the time but just wanted to make sure it was the lotion I always bought. (>⌂<“) IF YOU BUY IT ALL THE TIME YOU SHOULD KNOW IF IT’S THE ONE YOU ALWAYS BUY !! DON’T GO OPENING THE CAP TO SMELL IT AND SAY YEP THIS IS THE ONE AND GRAB AN UNOPEN BOTTLE. BUY THE ONE YOU JUST OPENED !!

The worse was a customer who grabbed a bottle of shampoo said it’s the one she always gets but opened up the cap squeezes it out onto the floor to smell it and check that it’s the right one then tell your husband I’m going to get another bottle cause this one is open and leaking. (¬⌂¬) Seriously ?!? Really ??? I just saw you open the bottle up and pour out a teaspoon to check that it’s the shampoo you always buy. Then you tell your husband I’m gonna get another one bcuz this one is open and leaking ? 

What’s worse is she leaves the opened bottle laying sideways with the cap open and I’m told by another customer you got a bottle of shampoo leaking onto the floor and everything down below it. (>0<) Now thanks to her stupidity I have to clean up or claim out bottles of shampoo and conditioners AND wipe the floor up best I can before calling a maintenance to mop the rest up. 

I deal with this kind of stupidity on a daily basis which makes me wonder are we just getting stupider and de-evolutionizing back to uncivilized apes/cavemen ? I mean I think even apes are more respectful, clean, and have common sense than the customers. I’m annoyed at people who tell me … Well, it’s Walmart what do you expect ? It don’t matter if it’s Walmart or Target or Costco or Whole Foods or Whatever. Do you go around to someone else’s house squeeze out their lotions, dribble shampoo on the floor, test all their makeup, open all the nail polishes to check it’s the right color, spill things on the floor and leave it there, and just leave a mess saying … It’s not my house so someone else will clean this up !!

I mean how would you like it if I came into your house licked all the condiments in your fridge, drank your soda from the bottle and the milk from the carton to test the taste, squeeze out your handsoap all over your bathroom counter to test the smell and be sure it’s the right one, open and leave your shampoo, bodywash, conditioners on the shower caddy sideways, spill something on your floors, leave half eaten food all over your house, and trash your shelves. I bet you would be furious and call the cops on me. Well, maybe I should do the same to customers ? Call the security or cops on you for trashing my department, testing everything, opening items that now can no longer be purchased by another customer bcuz it’s opened and just cause immense stress and frustration onto the worker for that department ?

Please, have common sense, courtesy, compassion, and be civilized when you shop in a store. Just bcuz we work their and get paid for it doesn’t mean our jobs is to clean up after your mess or be your slave ! Put your mind in our shoes. If your boss had you clean up after your coworkers or let them whatever knowing you’ll take care of it you’d be pretty pissed and most likely quit too. But I’m not quitting ! I am going to try to be more tough and tell customers … please, don’t open the bottles of lotion, shampoo, foundation, etc.

I am generally an all around kindest person you’d ever know but working at Walmart just corrupts all that and makes me go into Bitch mode and tell people … Hey, don’t open that ! – Mam, you can’t test that lipstick or foundation. We have a 90 day return policy so if it’s the wrong color just bring it back but don’t test them – please, control your kids or I will have them escorted out – please, clean up your mess – ETC. I am seriously considering just going into that Bitch mode to bitch on people so that there’s some type of enforcement in my department to prevent the things that are going on there. I honestly don’t care if you complain to my managers that I am rude, mean, or a bitch !! They know who I really am and know that if I was something otherwise there is a legitimate reason for it.


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