About Me and My Psycho Babble


I’m a Dragon living in Human Form. In the Night I turn to my Dragon form for which I soar through the night sky and wander through the vast open skies. I gaze up at the Stars, the Moon, and marvel at the Beauty of the Moon’s reflection against the ocean shores. At night is the only time I can be Free. Free from the meddlings of Human Life. Free from the Emotions, Turmoil, and Frustrations of the daily Human Life. I am a Dragon but a lonely Dragon. For I am a Dragon others seem to shun upon. I have a disability where my wings are not as the others and the others tend to stare or avoid me like the human plague. I hope that one day the world will have a better understanding, respect, and acceptance of each other no matter what Disability, Color, Ethnic background, Sexuality choice, or whatever. We are all of the same species and shouldn’t shun, be ashamed, or threaten one another but rather Live in Peace and Harmony. But I am a Dragon ! You play with Fire you are Bound to get Burned. I Fly Fast and Race hard that is the way of Life for Dragons. May the Dragon within you Thrive !



What is Psycho Babble ??

According to Wikipedia PsychoBabble means ….

Psychobabble (a portmanteau of psychology or psychoanalysis and babble) is a form of prose using jargon, buzzwords and highly esoteric language to give an impression of plausibility through mystification, misdirection, and obfuscation. The term implies that the speaker lacks the experience and understanding necessary for proper use of a given psychological term. Frequent usage can associate a clinical word with less meaningful buzzword definitions. Some psychological buzzwords have come into widespread use in business management training, motivational seminars, self-help, folk psychology, and popular psychology. These words can be overused by laypersons in describing life problems as clinical maladies, when such nomenclature is not valuable, meaningful or appropriate.


My Blog is mainly gonna be about Daily Rants, Occasional Creative Story writing, and other Blah Blah stuff. Feel free to comment and add to the wisdom. whimsy, and pizazz of the Blog world.


2 thoughts on “About Me and My Psycho Babble

  1. tfockler60 says:

    Hello, just wanted to let you know after reading some of your stuff, I found quite a bit that I liked. I would love to subscribe to your page but couldn’t find a link for that. I hope you continue to babble (lol) as I will continue to read along, and comment when the mood strikes.

    Oh, and btw…feel free to take a peek into my world if you like.

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