Virtual Friday – 3DS eShop Game Reviews

Happy Friday everyone !! Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend and do what you Love most this weekend. I thought I’d spend my Friday sharing my reviews on a couple eShop games I purchased on my Nintendo 3DS. (=~=) I kinda went crazy and spent $50 but only spent about $25-35 dollars. So the games I bought from the eShop are … FreakyForms, Art of Ink, Tetris *Old Black & White version*, Bomberman : Blitz, Hello Flowerz, Word Searcher IV, and Quick Fill. Below I will provide a review of each game under Two(2) categories … Recommended/Good and Avoid/Bad. Feel free to comment if you have opposing feelings to my reviews and would like to add to my review of each game with your own review.


  • FreakyForms – Rating : 10/10

FreakyForms is one game that I definitely recommend you get. I’ve heard alot of good reviews about this game and bought it solely outta curiosity to see what all the good reviews and hub bub was about. So the game is about creativity and creating your own creatures or as the game calls them Formees. You’re given a planet to run but there’s nobody inhabiting this planet. Now that’s where you come along. You’re given a set of shapes like Ovals, Triangles, Squares, etc. You take these given shapes to create yourself a creature of your own creativity. Once you’ve made the Head, Body, and added the Eyes, Mouth, and Legs you get to roam your planet and complete some tasks/quests. The graphics are kinda cheesy but the game play is endless as your creativity decides what the citizens of your planet will look like. (n_n) My planet has Animals like a Dog, Cat, Mouse, and a Robot. Check it out on YouTube first to see if you like the game via reviews from others and just the video clips of it. I think it’s a worthy buy and should get this.

  • Word Searcher : IV – Rating 8/10 

If you’re a person who loves Word Search puzzles and find yourself losing many hours of the day in a Word Search puzzle book then this is a great one for you. Word Searcher has a large choice of puzzles to pick from A to Z. The controls are a bit clumsy and sometimes hard to respond. But the game is a basic word search puzzle that’s perfect to entertain you while on a bus, doing laundry, or just wanna relax to a good hunt for words.

  • Hello Flowerz – Rating 7/10

Hello Flowerz is a gardening game. If you enjoy games like Farmville you might like this one. You are co-owner of what seems to be a boutique where you grow Flowers of different types and colors. You can then arrange the flowers you’ve grown in a bouquet which can either be saved into the gallery or submitted for judging in a bouquet contest. This is just like Farmville another game where you have to return everyday to water and care for your flowers. The graphics aren’t so great on this if you compare it to either Gardening Mama of the DS or Flower Garden on the iPhone/iPod Touch but it’s still quite entertaining none the less.


  • Art of Ink – Rating 4/10

I’d really like to give this game an 8 rating at least but sadly I can’t do that. Art of Ink is a tattoo parlor simulation game where you’re the tattoo artist and you work by satisfying the customers tattoo requests. You ask each customer questions about themselves to get an idea of what type of tattoo design they would enjoy most. After you’ve gotten a general idea you pick from the tattoo catalog a design you believe suits the customer. Once the customer agrees and is happy with the design you chosen you’re put to work to tattoo the design onto the person’s skin. The tattooing part is quite simple really. It’s like coloring in a coloring book but the difficult part is the pain a customer can feel by your tattoo needle. You have to take it slow and carefully so to not fill up the pain bar cuz after a certain number of times filling up the pain bar you failed on the customer and will have to start the design over.

Now why is this game under the *Thumbs Down* category ? Well, I placed it here bcuz the sensitivity of the customers is freakishly annoying. Enough to make you wanna throw your 3DS across the room. You’d just barely place your stylus onto the tattoo design and etch just one dot and the customer shrieks their pain. You take a deep breath and try again only to have the customer shriek again. So you calm your senses, wait til the pain meter goes down, and try again only to have the customer again shriek when all you did was place an itty bitty dot. It sure get’s your blood boiling and think why did this person want a tattoo if they can’t tolerate the pain. But if you have a high tolerance and no anger issues this game can and probably is fun to play.

  • Bomberman : Blitz – Rating 3/10

Ok, now I’m a Bomberman fan since my days of playing it with my older brother on our NES. I thought this game was an updated version of the old classic Bomberman but rather I come to find it’s Bomberman on crack or speed. It’s mainly a death-match AKA Last Man standing game where you can either play with up to 6 Coms players or find yourself a group of friends and play together. The entire game is just based of killing each other and whoevers left wins. Now the reason why I say it’s Bomberman on crack or speed is bcuz the movement of all the characters are insane. They zip around at high speeds that it makes you dizzy trying to keep track of the enemy you’re trying to blow up that half the time you end up blowing yourself up. Not what I had in mind and not what I expected either.

  • Tetris “1989” – Rating : 7/10

This review doesn’t really belong in this category or the other. It fits more into a neutral … Meh ! Category. I thought this was the classic Tetris game that was often found in arcades and hosted by Atari. But it’s the old … Old … OLD version of Tetris that’s in Black and White of the Gameboy. Although I generally enjoy ALL forms of Tetris after many years of enjoying video games in vivid colors the Black and White doesn’t tug on my gaming interest too much. I’ll probably still play this and enjoy it but Meh.

  • Quick Fill – Rating 5/10

Quick Fill is a game where there’s a ball rolling or a cartoon character walking along the road but the road has gaps or missing parts and your job is to take a 3×3 slab of road and shape it to fill in the gap/missing part of the road. You pretty much just look at the picture of the gap and recreate the missing piece. This game can be fun but it’s missing a important part … An Ending !! This game just goes on and on and on with no end. It would of been great if you reached a goal/finish line at the end which then takes you on to the next level which is harder than the last but instead it just rolls on and on and on being very repetitive along the way.

Overall … None of these games are really that terrible and can be entertaining during the right mental states but what’s really important is to NOT be LAZY !! Read the game details and look on YouTube for vids of the game first before you buy it cuz the eShop purchases are non-refundable unlike Apple’s App Store which give you a 24 hr. refund slot. These are not refundable so do some research before you buy any game online. I probably would of been able to save myself $15-20 dollars by reading the game details, watching YouTube vids, and doing research before I splurged on these games.

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