Words that Resonate … Part 6

Bw3I9MICcAA8W-c 123(=_=) I’ve been procrastinating again and a bit burnt out lately that I’m behind in posting this. On Wednesday May 27, 2015 I attended another business seminar and this one in particular had a message that resonated with me. The part that resonated with me was when the speaker “Mentor” spoke about the Power of Association. You might say well what’s that ? The Power of Association is mainly the people you associate with … (i.e Your circle of friends).

Who you hang out with and spend time with will determine the path you take in Life. Look at your circle of friends are they Positive people or Negative people ? It’s amazing how the phrase Monkey See … Monkey Do really is true. If you’re hanging around friends who drink, smoke, party every weekend … you most likely do the same. If you have friends who are go getters, studying hard to earn that degree, hardworkers … you will be too.

This part of the seminar really resonated with me and stuck in my head like the speaker “Mentor” had stapled it to my brain. It made me think back to all my years and my circle of friends I’ve had and have. I admit thinking about the Power of Association really made sense. Many of the bad decisions I made in my Life would of probably never been if I had chosen a better group of people to associate with.

The bottom center image I posted to this blog says it all … Linda Barnby ~ “When you surround yourself with the encouragement, resources and creativity of like-minded, motivated, and high-achieving entrepreneurs, your own success is inevitable”. The Power of Association and picking your circle of friends wisely is the best way to reaching your personal goals, dreams, and staying on the right paths in Life.

I love everyone that comes into my Life and I’m the type of person that clings and cherishes every person that comes into my Life and finds it difficult to say Goodbye to people. But after hearing the seminar section on the Power of Association I realized there are some people in my Life I have to say Goodbye to as they weren’t the type of associations that were building me up and helping me rise higher. Life is only what you make of it and you are the only person behind steering the wheel. Where you go in Life all depends on which direction you turn that wheel and the path you chose to drive down.

For me the paths I’ve chosen most of the time in my Life weren’t paved and were barren dirt roads with lots of bumpy rocks, potholes, and obstacles to drive over and through making the ride not at all smooth but bumpy and rough. Even though I do not regret the road I’ve chose even though some aren’t the best for me. It has taken me down some very scenic paths where I have experience the beautiful parts of Life. I hope that you will take the time to learn more about the Power of Association and reassess your Life in where it’s going, where you want it to go, and if you are the person you want to be/become.


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