Corn Nut .VS Chicacorn


I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a very long time but keep forgetting to. For those of you who are wondering what the heck is Chicacorn well keep reading on and you’ll find out. ;)

I’m sure many of us has eaten CornNuts as a snack. Chile Picante has always been my favorite one. That was before I met my now husband who is of Filipino decent. He gave me a bag of Chicacorn and I was immediately in Love with both the gifter and the snack.

Chicacorn is pretty much fried corn kernels til it puffs up like popcorn and seasoned with salt. The original version has crispy fried garlic cloves which flavors the frying oil and the corn. I admit this snack is not something you wanna eat before a important date or job interview as the garlic is pretty pungent.

Many of the brands out there do contain MSG which I try to avoid. But luckily there are brands that do not have MSG. But if you’re not concerned about MSG there are brands such as Boy Bawang and Ilocos Chicacorn that offer the Chicacorn in different flavors than Garlic. There’s flavors like Cheese, Barbeque, Spicy, Adobo, etc.

If you happen to have a Filipino market in your area do give Chichacorn a try. It’s like a cross between Popcorn and CornNuts. It’s crispy, flavorful, and addicting. You might even desert both Popcorn and CornNuts after giving it a try. Word of advice though they are SUPER crunchy snacks so I don’t advise sneaking some into a movie theater as the crunching sounds you will make will definitely disturb others.

But Chicacorn is definitely a snack to try and if you’re a Onion/Garlic lover like me the crispy fried garlic is a special treat or prize in every bag of Chicacorn.

Somethings are not meant to be …


Happy Hump Day ! I wanted to make today’s blah blah blog topic about things happening for a reason. I’m sure we all believe that everything happens for a reason. Christians believe that God is behind some of those reasons but I truly believe that when something isn’t meant to be there will be signs that you shouldn’t pursue it !

For example … I was looking to buy this mini laptop I saw @ Walmart. It was an Acer Aspire One for $199 I wanted to get it for my MYT CR8TiV™ biz as it’s been taking off recently leaving me swamped with orders. I thought having a mini laptop to track my expenses, orders, profits, etc. would be easier to do with a mini laptop dedicated solely for my business.

I was ecstatic 😃 when my husband approved of the purchase of the mini laptop. I excitedly went with him to the Walmart looking forward to leaving with a *new* laptop but to my dismay they no longer carried it. There were other laptops there priced a little higher than the Aspire One but I really had my ❤ set on the Acer Aspire one.

My current laptop which has been sorta converted to a desktop is a Acer Aspire. It is my main and only computer which I do all my blogging, facebooking, and internet time. Earlier I went browsing the web for the Aspire One and found used one for similar price as Walmart on eBay and *new* on Amazon for a few bucks more.

My friends know I’m not a BIG fan of online shopping. Call me old fashioned but I prefer going into a store and buying what I’m looking for without paying shipping costs. But it’s becoming more and more difficult to buy/find what you’re looking for in a store. Everything is going online !

Anyways sometimes when I am excited for something and can’t get it right away I think of it as possibly a sign that it’s not meant to be. For example my cell phone … I went to several stores only to be told their SOLD OUT and having spent my cell phone money on other things I had to save up some more. I finally had the money and went to the store excited to get my phone but find the store closed early. Came back the next day only to be told the guy that just left bought the last one.

I started wondering if maybe this was a sign that I should spend my money on something else or that it just wasn’t meant to be bcuz every attempt I made left me leaving empty handed. But finally I did get the phone but never did I image just how popular the Samsung Galaxy SIII phone really is.

But I’m starting to wonder the same thing again with the Aspire One laptop. I could of bought it the first time I saw it but I said I don’t need a laptop cuz I already have one. Now I want it and it’s not available. I could look at other stores like Best Buys or Fry’s but I’m sure they aren’t going to be priced at $199 like Walmart was. I’m unsure if I should just forget about it and leave it that there are things of higher priority to spend my money on or continue searching different Walmarts for the laptop.


Happy 4th of July !!

4th of July 2014Handrawn By : MYT CR8TiV™-2014©.

I haven’t posted anything lately even though there’s been a few things I’ve been thought about blah blah blogging about. (>~<) I just forget as quick as it popped into my head … it pops back out of my head just as quick. I really need to start writing down blog topics that pop into my head or jot it down into my phone instead of saying that’s great I’ll blog about that when I get home them *Boop* gone ! What was I gonna blog about ? Umm … Err …. Ughhh …. Uhh … Hmm … Ahhh … *ARGH* /(>D<)\ I forgot was it was !! L0L

Anyways 4th of July is tomorrow ! I wanted to post this up now before I forget about it tomorrow. Hope you all have a great 4th of July !! Celebrate it safely and respectfully !! Be courteous to your neighbors or if you’re camping at a park to watch a fireworks show be courteous to others who are also there to watch the show. Don’t go ruining 4th of July for others ! ANY and EVERY holiday is widely cherished for the memories they create and are treasured for years to come so don’t go down in someone’s memory as the 4$$h0l3 who didn’t control their children or the BumH0l3 who stole beers from their cooler. Also remember to pick up after yourselves. We only have one Earth and we must preserve it for generations to come.

I’ll post again soon … if I remember (“¬⌂¬) to ! Til then have a Safe and Happy 4th of July !!

Orange Mint ? Not quite minty …


So if you recall my blog post back in April about my love and addiction for Mint. I just recently bought a *new* mint plant for $2.99 from a local Smart & Final store. This mint plant according to the packaging is not meant for transplant or planting into a pot/ground. It rather suggests you keep it in the container it comes in and just place a dish with ½” inch of water daily. I noticed the shape of the leaves and overall look was alot different than the mint plant I have growing on the windowsill. This plant had more broad oval leaves and not very jagged edges. Where as my Sweet Mint plant which I believe is Spearmint has very jagged leaves and the leaves have lots of detailing.

I plucked a few leaves off this *new* mint plant and it has a very faint minty-ness but rather tastes more like Shiso “Japanese Perilla” than Mint. I’m curious as this plant grows if it’s actually a perilla plant mistaken for mint bcuz it definitely doesn’t have a mint like taste and the general look of mint. But doing internet research it looks like the Orange mint plant although the tastes of it doesn’t match the descriptions of what Orange mint should taste like. I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see as my Mom has on countless occasions grown Shiso and know that the Shiso plant has very fine prickly hairs both along the stem and the back of the leaves. So if this plant goes into puberty so to speak and grows prickly hair I know it’s not a mint plant but a perilla plant. Which isn’t a bad thing bcuz I adore Shiso and love wrapping BBQ meats in it or even just sashimi tuna.

So either way I’m gonna love and care for this *new* plant but interesting to experience a mint plant different than what I’m used to. Most grocery stores sell Spearmint bundles. My Bonnie plants “Sweet Mint” I bought from Walmart years ago I believe is a Spearmint. I dunno why they didn’t just label it Spearmint and not Sweet Mint. But there’s so many mint varieties who knows if it’s actually Sweet Mint or Spearmint.

Would you like a side order of Bad Attitude with that ?


I am sure this is a post we can all relate to. Dealing with Attitude is something that some have to deal with on a daily basis and sadly I’m not talking about positive attitudes either. When you work in a job where you dealing with other people whether it’d be a Nurse working with patients or a server in a restaurant or a fast-food worker … Attitude is everything !! With smartphones and sites like Yelp a business can easily earn a bad rep by the attitude of it’s workers. I’m mainly going to base this post on restaurant workers bcuz last night my husband and I experienced two(2) workers with a very bad attitude and at two different restaurants. One of them was a unknowledgable Store manager. We tried not to let it sour our dining out time but I have to say the mood was kicked down a notch bcuz of their attitude.

When you work for a restaurant you gotta remember that it’s not your boss that pays your bills it’s the customers ! The more customers that come to dine at your restaurant means the more income that is being provided to the restaurant which ties to your pay check. If you have a bad attitude customers will take their business elsewhere meaning income is less which means if it continues your income will also become less as the restaurant struggles financially to stay afloat. If changes aren’t made then the inevitable happens where a restaurant shuts down and you can thank your attitude for being out of a job.

Whethere you’re working for a restaurant that requires a waiter/waitress service or a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s … Server to customer relationship is vital in your daily work. Leave your attitude at home and always be respectful and positive towards your customers. Even if you’re exhausted and it’s been a long day til the moment you swipe that time card and step out that door you should be in a good attitude. Having a bad attitude will get you no where but a life of job hopping as you get fired from every job you go to due to your ugly attitude.

But sadly the says of Service with a Smile is all to rare and few these days. You’d be lucky if you get a elderly server at a Denny’s, iHop, or Coco’s who still fondly believes in the old rule of Service with a Smile. But sadly it’s like you trying to win the lotto or find a diamond in the ocean. It’s rare to find anyone with a smile and positive attitude. Even in a hospital you have nurses who care more about the money they are making over the care they provide to their patients or to a server who is aimed more towards serving their own people in positive ways such as a latino smiling and being so friendly with a fellow latino customer but up next is a Asian and their smile turns into a frown and a not so friendly attitude. WTF ? Why change your attitude ??

Our priorities have gotten so screwed which is why we are struggling to co-exist and live in happiness. We are focusing on the money and not the other things that are of more value than money. I know so people who are studying to be this or that mainly bcuz it’s high income rate rather than for the field or the subject that is required. Like I said I know people studying to be an RN nurse just so they can live the lavished lifestyle they dream of but not give a hoot about the care they will be providing to the patients they will be working with. I have been in and out of hospitals all my Life growing up and I have seen the people who care not about the money but the care and well-being of the patients and those who care more about the money and not about the work.

We all see it everyday I’m sure at your own workplace there are workers complaining about the work they do everyday. Then why are you working here ? There are people who just went on a vacation and week later complaining I need a vacations. YOU JUST TOOK ONE !! Laziness and Bad Attitudes are two of the things I hate about people. If you work with customers on a daily basis please leave your bad/negative attitudes at home. The more positive the attitude the more posititive your everyday work day will be and over time you will be rewarded for your positive attitude.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms !! (n_n)

84528-Happy-Mothers-DaySo tomorrow is Mother’s Day and we’re all celebrating our Moms. But I want to tell you what I think of Mother’s Day … to me Mother’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate Mothers but it’s a day to celebrate women for without women there would be no Mothers. *Inappropriate joke Alert* If there were no Mothers there would be nothing but assholes and shit-heads bcuz where else would a Male give birth ? Har har … Lame (¬_¬) Ya, I know !!

Anyways being a Mother doesn’t just extend to the child that you gave birth to. Being a Mother generally defines to taking care of someone, feeding them, changing them, supporting them, and loving them unconditionally. My husband has been telling co-workers Happy Mother’s Day and a few gave him a bad attitude saying (¬⌂¬) I’m not a Mom ! I don’t have any kids. You don’t have to be so rude and give such a snide remark.

Women are born Mothers. Whether you are a Mother to your own children or a Mother-like figure to a cousin, neice, nephew, friend’s child, etc. If you have a pet you are technically the mother of that Cat, Dog, or Pet(s) as your duties are just the same as a Mother to a human child. You feed them, bathe them, care for them, and love them unconditionally ! Whether you have children or not you are a Mother … Grandmothers are Mothers to both their own children and other children (i.e Grandchildren), GodMother’s are Mothers to someone elses children, and Adoptive mothers are still MOTHERS even tough they are not their biological birth Mothers.

So Mother’s Day isn’t just about Mothers or being a Mother but rather a day to celebrate being a woman. We all become Mothers in the end if not now but someday. So when someone wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day and you’re not a mother … please, be respectful and say thank you I’m not a Mother yet but I someday hope to be. Until then I’m a Mom to my Kitty, Doggy, or my Sister’s adorable baby. Whether you know it or not you are a Mother in some way or form. So go celebrate yourself being a woman with a pamper at the spa or go indulge in something you really Love bcuz Mother’s Day isn’t just a day for Moms it’s a day to celebrate being a woman !!

Are Birthdays Really Unimportant ?


So my Birthday was yesterday and overall it was just a wild Rollercoaster ride. That is really the most accurate description of my Birthday this year. Before my Birthday I was so excited *The excitement you feel as you climb up the hill on a Rollercoaster* then days before my Birthday things got Awesome *the moment you peek from the top of that hill* and soon after everything just seems to zoom by *the moment you fly down the hill and sharp curves* but a rollercoaster ride doesn’t last forever just as like your Birthday the fun is over and it’s back to your everyday Life.

Well, for me my Birthday emotional ride went from Happy – Uber Happy – Almost to Tears Happy – Sad it’s Over – Tears of Sadness. Why tears of sadness ? Well, my family didn’t say a word to me on my Birthday. My Mom’s in Japan for Three(3) months so I give her an excuse to not wish me a Happy Birthday but my older Sister and Brother could of sent an email, a card, or even a phone call to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Many of my friends say don’t worry so much about it. Birthday’s aren’t important and after 13 or 16 they’re not imporant to be celebrated anymore. I don’t do anything for my Birthday or celebrate it. It’s just an ordinary day for me. WRONG !! Birthday’s are very important and there shouldn’t be an Age Limit on them.

*Pardon my french* But I’m fucken tired of everyone putting age limits on everything !! You’re too old to be coloring coloring books, You’re too old to go to Disneyland and ride the kiddie rides, you’re too old to be playing Video Games, you’re too old for this and that !! If your mentality is YOU’RE TOO OLD then you truly are old and going to feel old. Life doesn’t have an age limit !! You’re never too old to live your Life.

If you don’t celebrate Birthdays then why bother celebrating anything else ? Don’t celebrate Christmas, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s day, etc. They’re not important ! Everyday someone becomes a Mom nothing special, why celebrate Christmas if you stopped believing in Santa years ago and too old to be getting presents and decorating the house/tree, don’t celebrate ANYTHING just live your day to day 9 to 5 Life.

NO !! Birthday’s are meant to be celebrated each year no matter how old you are becoming. The true meaning of Birthday’s is the celebration of Life !! You would not be here if it weren’t for your Birth. We all have a purpose in Life and put on this earth for a reason !!! Therefore Birthday’s are the most important thing to be celebrated. It’s to celebrate the Life of that person and to celebrate a Life in whole.

I don’t care if I’m 70 I will still party for my Birthday and don’t care if I’m 50 I’ll still want a Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese or Dave n Busters or just a party alone. Birthday’s are meant to be celebrate and not ignored. It really saddens me to see that we’ve lost care for many things in Life. We don’t care about marriage, don’t care about each other, don’t care about the morals/values important in Life, we just don’t care.

I was born a caring person. Friends always tell me if you’re family don’t care then don’t care about them too. (-_-) That is alot easier to say than do. I am a very caring person almost to a psychotic point. I care to much !! Often time it leads to hurt and pain. But I can’t stop caring. I guess you can kinda say it’s my obsessive compulsion to be caring and compassionate. I care about people whether I know them personally or not.

Asking me to stop caring is like me asking you to stop breathing, stop your heart from beating, stop your blood from flowing, stop existence, stop the world from turning, stop time from flowing, etc. It’s impossible for me to do !! It’s just who I am. How difficult is it to grab a Birthday card write a short greeting and pop it into the mailbox ? You don’t have to put money or a gift card. Just the thought that you care could mean the world to a person.

Please, don’t stop celebrating Birthdays and end the mentality of Birthdays are unimportant and don’t deserve to be celebrated bcuz we’re too old. Birthdays are to be celebrate bcuz they are the true meaning and definition of Life and sheer existence in this universe. Every and ALL Birthdays are to be celebrated not matter what age you are !!