Black Friday … Cyber Monday … HYPE !!


Happy 1st of December and Happy Cyber Monday ! I would of posted this up sooner but I’ve been down with a cold that came on Thanksgiving. I’m feeling better though. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you did do any Black Friday shopping hope you got yourself some good deals.

Anyways I never really cared about these Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals but my husband wanted to check them out after his friend told him last Black Friday he got a 52″ TV for $99. So I figured what the hey why not. Maybe I can snag a WiiU for $99 and score some 3DS and Wii games that’s been on my Wish List for years.

We 1st went to SEARS to check out their TV sales and I was shocked by the still high prices. What deal ? Everything was marked off maybe $20-$50 so it’s not that big of a deal. Even their video games what miniscule selection they had was only marked down by $5-10 dollars.

Afterwards we went by BestBuys but saw the line heading up to Mars and said forget it. We were contemplating Walmart but we know Walmart shoppers can be a bit ruthless and some will go as far as to kill you for that last 32″ TV. I’m in a wheelchair so I could not even picture myself trying to plow through the crowds just to see what’s good.

We just grabbed a local paper and checked out the ads in the paper and nothing seem like a BIG deal. Everything was more or less reduced by just a few bucks. Now today is Cyber Monday and online News articles said the best deals are going to be on Cyber Monday and that Cyber Monday is where it’s at.

Well, today is Cyber Monday and I have yet to see anything that seems to be a worthy deal. The prices of the items are like the prices on an ordinary sales event day. Unless something is 50-80% off I don’t think Black Friday or Cyber Monday is really anything to break you bank account over. More or less in my opinion it’s just Hype to get you to compulsively shop buying things that you THINK is a deal but actually not really.

The true secret to Holiday shopping on a budget is … PRICE MATCH ! Many stores offer price matching and that goes for online sites like Amazon. So if you find something online print it out and take it over to your local Target, Walmart, Frys, BestBuys, etc. and tell them I found it here cheaper and they’ll Price Match ! Some stores will compete by giving the item to you below Price match price.

So scour the entire web for what you’re looking for and find the cheapest price and head to your local store to take advantage of the Price Match deal. It’ll save you from paying Shipping and you get the product in hand at the price the website was offering. I think I’m gonna do that for my Christmas shopping this year which has dramatically gotten smaller.

But do your research and in my opinion don’t fall into the retail hype. Christmas or any holiday for that matter is not about presents or what you bought for cheap. It’s about spending time with your family and loved ones. That Xbox One will always be available in a store to buy. It’ll never go away but your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Niece, Nephew, whoever once they’re gone … they’re gone ! We’re not around forever !

College … Relevant or Trivial ?

6898Hello ! Before I start my blog post for today let me remind the quote “To Each Their Own” and that this is my personal blog where I share my thoughts and opinions of things. If you look under the About Me tab there’s a definition of what Psycho Babble means and my blog is generally just that. So what I am posting today is not aimed towards anyone nor do I ask that any virtual poop be flung at me for stating my own opinions and thoughts.

Ok, then … with that outta the way I had a pretty long and interesting weekend. I attended an early family Thanksgiving gathering and met a very interesting person who was very knowledgeable about income tax, starting a business, and the field of Art as he has degrees in Art. If you don’t know my I have another blog “” which I share my Artistic skills and talents. This is my creative writing blog so to speak and my other is creative arts blog.

Anyways he saw the deep potential in my artworks and suggested that I go to college to study Art and believes it will enhance my artistic skills alot further. I would love to go to school but being physically disabled school was pure torture for me and my older Sister can vouch on that aspect if you were to ask her. From Kindergarten all the way to High School school was a living hell for me. The bullying, teasing, the inability to make friends, being a loner, etc. Everything negative about school I have lived and endured it !!

I admit I regret not finishing High School and instead getting a GED but I just couldn’t take the bullying and suffering I went through everyday for the 7-8 hrs. you’re in school. Now the reason for this post is bcuz I wanted to share my opinions on education. As I just explained to me education was not pleasant !! I have a slight learning disability which made learning difficult. I was in Special Education classes and RSP classes but still struggled with my grades. But with the bullying and the learning struggles they often took a toll on me emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.

Many have told me that I should go to college and enhance my artistic skills. And I do !! I would love to go to college not just to study art but study in fields of my interest like Medical, Nature/Biological, Psychology, etc. But just the thought of going back to school makes me do a fast U-Turn and head in the opposite direction of a Admissions office. I don’t think I can relive my Kindergarten through High School years all over again.

Some of my friends have tried to reassure me and say … No no no !! This is College ! We’re grown adults and not gonna act like a bunch of middle school kids or immature teens. How clueless and naive that sounds !! (¬_¬) Unless you’re in my shoes you cannot say there aren’t disrespectful Adults who bully other Adults. What’s sad is some of these people are parents with children. You can’t unlearn something that’s just a part of who you are. Bullies were born and die a bully.

Anyways the title of the post says College … Relevant or Trivial bcuz I am more of a self-taught learner. I tend to learn better when I teach myself than to be taught by someone. My artistic skills isn’t what they are today bcuz of some Art teacher or Art class. Sure, from Kindergarten to High School I always had an Art class and thoroughly enjoyed them but what they taught in Art class I already knew by reading How-To books, borrow Art books from the school library or public library. I enhanced my skills little by little not by what I learned from a teacher or from Art class but rather by teaching myself via How-To Tutorials online such as YouTube, following Artists and online tutorials on sites like DeviantArt/Pinterest.

My opinions of school is that you’re being force-taught. You learn by methods the teacher knows is best or by whatever the textbooks say. Every teacher is different as everyone learns differently. But in school you learn by what the teacher is teaching you. Their methods aren’t always clear or understandable. To them it might be but to you it’s like WTF are they talking about. Nobody knows you better than YOU ! You know what you’ll understand and how you’d learn it best.

To self-teach yourself it’s stress-free. No deadlines to finish that assignment by, No grading system, No Pass or Fail the course, and No Credits to earn. You learn from your mistakes you made and just keep trying different techniques and methods til you get it right. As an Artist I have gotten to where I am today bcuz of the many How-To draw books, online tutorials, and endless websites. I am learning some type of *NEW* technique or method everyday !! College you only learning til the time you graduate and that’s it what you are learning ends there.

I know that my Artistic skills can probably be enhanced by going to college, taking Art, getting a degree but I can achieve the same thing here at home online on the computer and learn at my own pace and way. Yes, I won’t have a degree but to many aren’t degrees just a piece of paper saying you spent thousands of dollars and hours studying. I appreciate the advices given by people to go to college and study Art but I think I’m happy just being self-taught at home in my own pace and settings. So no offense to all those who are currently in college and to those who are pro-education system but I am bah-humbag and phooey to going to college.

Self-taught learning method has served me well for many years and unless there’s a Home-Schooling college for Arts I’m just gonna continue browsing the Worldwide Web, YouTube, Pinterest, DeviantArt, Instagram, etc. and adding to my endless collection of How-To books and self-teach myself all that I ever wanted to learn.

Jury Duty or Bully Duty … (¬~¬)


Why does shit happen to good people ?? Just to get it off my chest and vent out at the same time. I got a letter and a call from the Jury Duty Summons people. They were threatening to charge me $1,500 and arrest me for failure to appear for Jury Duty. I said … WTF ?!? I never got any Jury Summons paperwork saying I was chosen for duty.

They said … We sent the form and paperwork out to you that you were called for a summons. I said … I never got such mailing. They think I’m bullshitting and said to report for duty or I will be arrest and fined $1.500. I then spoke with my Landlord asking if they accidentally got my Jury Summons papers in their mailbox and spoke to my Landlords daughter who lives in the unit next door. They were both pissed that I was accusing them of stealing mail or keeping mail that isn’t theirs.

I then explained to them that sometimes I get your mail in my mailbox bcuz you fail to correctly write your address and I respectfully place your mail in your mailbox. So I expect the same courtesy and to please start writing 5521½ as your house address bcuz 5521 is my address and your address is 5521½. She gave me this disgusted why the F should I have to write ½ on my address when my parents own the place. With a fake smile she said if I ever get your mail in my mailbox I’ll be sure to put it in you box or hand it to you in person. (¬_¬) *Bullshit*

So now I have to report for Jury Duty on December 22 and when I told the rep I was talking to on the phone that I’m disabled and have a seizure disorder does that qualify to be excused. She said have your physician fill our section E of the form and we’ll decide if your medically excusable or not. I then told her do you provide transportation like a shuttle bus bcuz I don’t have a license to drive or transportation to get there. She rudely said to me just take a bus or the metro train. I said but I’m in a wheelchair. She said I think you can ride the bus and train in a wheelchair. So she pretty much was saying I DON’T GIVE A FUCK GET YOUR ASS TO THE COURTHOUSE OR YOU’LL SPEND CHRISTMAS BEHIND BARS. I told her well I need you to resend the form bcuz I never got the 1st one. She said fine. I’ll have one sent out and you’ll get it tomorrow.

*Pardon my french* But FUCK MAN !! First, they take away my SSI bcuz I FUCKEN got married saying I’m my husbands financial responsibility now. Now they’re harrassing about FUCKEN Jury Duty shit ? The Court system can’t make decision for themselves. They need a bunch of random people to decide if this guy who killed someone should be free or put in jail. I mean WTF ?!? Isn’t that what attorneys and the judge are for ? To fight for who’s innocent and decide on the verdict.

Medical Assisting Robot …

baymax_20preview_ca183fa8-8f86-44eb-8ada-0624ef1b2002_display*Spoiler Alert* For those of you who haven’t watched Big Hero 6 yet this contains some spoiler alerts.

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything here on Psycho Babble. Life has kinda obstructed me from posting as often as I really want to. But I’m here and if you have me friended on Facebook you’ll know I’m always alive and active there. So my weekend was a pretty wild and crazy weekend. On Friday night my husband and I went to go see Big Hero 6. My husband isn’t really a big fan of animated films but animated films to me are my Life and inspiration. Big Hero 6 though has it’s action scenes which kept my husband entertained.

But I was mainly in love with the chubby marshmallow robot Baymax. He’s originally a medical assisting robot who is more or less a robot nurse. The concept of having a friendly robotic nurse intrigued me and I believe it can come to reality if someone wanted to work on it. We have technologies already in place like retina cameras, voice activated programs and softwares like Siri and SVoice. I can totally see a robotic nurse who checks your vitals and does minor diagnostic tests before you see the actual doctor.

Many nurses at clinics I go to already walk around with a mini laptop where they log down your problems, symptoms, and checks you previous medical records before the doctor sits down with you. Having a Baymax like robotic nurse would totally make your hospital visit a bit more stress-free. I think waiting in the hospital room would be a lot less boring and stressing if I had Baymax to talk to and play games with or joke with while I wait. I hope that someone in the future considers possibly making a real life Baymax. That’d be cool !!

Catching up with my Blogs … (=~=)


Happy Friday everyone !! My brain often looks like that picture above. So many thoughts cluttered everywhere and so many unfinished, half finished, barely started, and forgotten projects not even started. (>~<) Being a procrastinator and being a having creative ADD I am constantly bouncing from one thing to another. I would start on one project but then either on Pinterest, YouTube, or somewhere on the internet I’d see some other craft that perks my interest making me drop the project I was working on and work on this *new* one.

I try to stay active on my blogs but I have multiple blogs such as this one, my Creative Arts blog ““, my 3rd person blogging as my childhood stuffed animal Mousey blog “, and a blog I made Just for Fun ““. Now recently I came up with a story idea to post up on my Just for Fun blog and I am hoping I can stick with it and keep it active.

Here’s a short summary of what that story is going to be about. The story is going to be titled Socially Awkward and it is about a clerical worker who is bullied and mistreated in her office workplace but she continues to remain strong and do her work. It’s just mainly gonna be a day to day Life blog which is half fictional and half non-fictional. Certain parts of it will be based off of true incidents from my own Life. If it seems interesting so far … Check it out @  the site is still under construction as I haven’t started writing anything, yet but plan to do that later today. Currently working on the Artwork to go with the 1st post. =P

But I wanna thank all those who follow my blog(s) and occasionally share your comments and opinions about what I have blogged about. I hope that you will continue to read my blogs whether it’s sporadic activity or not. I do my best to try and post up something as often as possible. Thank you all once again !! (n_n)

The What ifs of Death …

Talking about Death even the what if is never a pleasant topic but my husband and I talked about it this afternoon. Lately he’s been complaining about feeling ill and like all men he’s stubborn to go see a Doctor and get checked out. I lost my father due to this male oriented stubborn-ness. My Dad was not feeling well but put off seeing a doctor until his feelings of not being well got worse and worse. When he finally did go see a doctor he was told he has the final stage of Liver cancer and passed away a few months later.

I said to my husband you wanna be where my Father is ? Between me my Mom has three(3) children all adults and one grandchild. So when my Father passed my Mom had her two(2) eldest children to care for her. My husband and I do not have any children just two(2) dogs who are to me my children. The thought of what might happen to me if my husband were to die just makes me shudder. Being physically disabled and having lived dependent to co-dependent on others all my Life I just can’t comprehend living on my own.

Sure, my husband has money squared away for things like this but  my mentality just can’t see myself happily living in a apartment alone and doing fine. I see myself wandering the streets as a homeless person or just a wandering soul until my time comes to reunite with my loved ones who’ve gone ahead of me. Death is surely never a pleasant thing to talk about but it’s truly something that I feel should be discussed at one time in your Life. Life is short and you never know when Death would come knocking at your door or tap you in the shoulder so it’s always best to be discussed no matter how uncomfortable the topic is.

To me I’m not afraid of death as I’ve been dead from the moment I entered this earth. I don’t really see myself as alive but rather just a soul wandering this earth for a purpose, reason, and calling.

Negative Monday ? (⌐~⌐)

1439Happy Monday !! Monday is the least liked days of the week. But don’t worry it’s almost over at least for me as it’s just about 3pm *My time*. *sigh* (=~=) California is currently going through a heatwave so it’s SUPER hot today. I think it’s somewhere in the lines of 92º which isn’t as hot as other parts can get which is well over the 100º’s. But anything about 70º for me is HOT !!

So what I’m blah-blah-blogging about today is negative comments. I think I wrote in my previous post about a negative comment on a Amazon product review I wrote. Well, I got another negative comment regarding another Amazon product review I wrote. Again the commenter was stupid in my opinion … jumping to conclusions without getting the facts and being quick to judge someone.

I’m not going to go into the details of this comment or the product I reviewed but I’m more and more losing faith in humanity. We’re becoming more and more idiotic and stupid. We’re quick to judge and make comments/judgements without getting the facts. Quick to flap our gums and just the World seems like it’s on Fast Forward and is speeding by too fast.

People are speeding and zig-zagging on the freeways and surface streets, people dart across the streets where there are crosswalks few feet away, and nobody has compassion no more. There are a few rare people who still hold doors for the elderly or anyone for the matter and still give you spaces to get into a lane or allow you to go first at a stop sign.

But more or less you often get honked at, given dirty looks, or on some occasions yelled at through a car window from driving at the speed limit. People need to slow down and that’s not just on the road but in every aspect of Life. Slow down and think before you post a comment on someone’s blog, Facebook post, or anywhere online. Your quick second thinking and click of that mouse to submit the comment can be hurtful and hurt someone or do damage that cannot be fixed.

So before you judge that teen Mom walking her baby … think first. Do you really think she is a slut and got pregnant ? How do you know she wasn’t raped and decided to keep the baby ? How do you even know she’s a single mother ? She might have a decent job, a nice home, and a loving husband. Love happens at any age ! THINK FIRST !! I often get people who whisper judge me behind my back for being in a wheelchair. I hear things like I bet she’s faking it to get disability and she’s not disabled. Sure, I can get out of my wheelchair and walk a short distance but who are you to judge ? FYI *For Your Information* I’m not receiving any disability income or assistance. I was previously but after I got married they were revoked due to my husband’s income and resources.

Just THINK before you press enter and send that comment or open your mouth. Nobody has the right to judge anyone but the Lord up above. Before you point that finger to judge someone else Life point it at yourself and Judge yourself first.